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SDCC 09 - The Bazaarium + Silhouette MT- 07.24.09

bazaarium0.jpg Hard to believe it was Nov 2007 that i first wrote about Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre… i got reminded about it when i saw The Bazaarium: Your Victorian Emporium booth at SDCC. I had no idea you could by those cheeky little victorian silhouette images in cute little wood frames! As well as awesome black and white buttons and gun shaped soaps! (Might need to head over and get some later?)… Also, so many new pieces since i last visited the Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre… so take a peek at some of the newer ones i’m loving as well as the booth and goodies available on the next page!

also got a card saying “for a limited time 5% off all purchases with this code: ODDGOODS”













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6 Notes

I should not have looked! Now I’m totally lusting after ALL of them and I’m flat broke at the moment. Geez!

----- Jeina Chen 28.07.09 10:27

Love these. Will look great on my wall.

----- Charlie 28.07.09 09:33

The second image is my favorite.

----- Ruben T. 24.07.09 21:12

This is very creative. I never would have thought about creating art with sillouettes. It looks like someone cut the original artwork out of the page, like a piece of art that has been vandalized.

----- Nikki Thomas 24.07.09 10:28

Great coverage and thanks for sharing! I was so bummed I couldn’t attend SDCC, but with your posts, it’s like I’m there! As always, I heart NOTCOT.

----- laura sweet 24.07.09 08:54

those pieces are just too funny - absolutely love the wry humor!

----- carrie @ LMG 24.07.09 08:26

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