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A peek into TBWA\Chiat\Day LA- 08.18.09

tbwachiatday1.jpg On inspirational spaces ~ and that very odd feeling of wishing i had a huge office filled with creatives to hang out and play with (not that you kids here on the internet aren’t fun!) ~ who knew that answering a random email/twitter would lead to having such an inspiring lunch over at TBWA\Chiat\Day, and getting a chance to explore their VERY fun office space over in Playa Del Rey? I suddenly have the hankering to break out the vinyl cutter and fill unexpected spots with giant quotes… play with designing guest stickers (for people entering the house/office???)… spray painting giant logos out on the floor of the patio… build a BAR out of surfboards… and so much more silliness… It was really incredible to be in a place that so clearly prioritized creativity and the generation of fun ideas. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve always loved advertising, and i REALLY love the visual and innovative sides… but recently as i’ve learned about advertising on the web, i’ve gotten to see the less fun side of it (negotiations, accounts, ideas that get devolved until unrecognizable - as well as incredible ones of course!)… I guess you could say it was fun to have that moment of “ooooh so THIS is where my crazy campaigns and banner ads come from”… and just so nice to connect with real people behind the artwork, ideas, and campaigns.

SO ~ take a peek inside TBWA\Chiat\Day, the incredible land of ad legend, Lee Clow… tons of pics on the next page!

p.s. Huge thanks to all the TBWA\Chiat\Day-ers who knew NOTCOT ~ it’s such an honor to hear the sites help keep you inspired! And i’m not kidding about being curious to see what else you find out there that i miss!


















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I love space. The lack of it, the filling up of it. When people take time and work on the details, it results in sheer magnificence.

A creative tornado.

----- Dhaval Mehta 10.08.10 09:28

If there was an Ikea for creative professionals, it would look exactly like this.. Does anybody know if they’ve switched up or added anything to the space since last summer ?

----- Jackie O-Face 17.04.10 16:58

Sure the space is kind of hip but employees rarely have time to use the stupid basketball court and all the other bs. Chiat Day is known as Night and Day since that’s the kind of hours they work their very low paid employees. Moral at this place is really low. years with no pay increases because upper management says it’s not in the budget. However, huge bonuses and pay bumps for the top brass happen year after year. No moral integrity at the helm.

----- Greggo 25.03.10 15:39

Wow GREAT photos. I just did an interview with Rob Schwartz the Chief Creative officer and would love to use some of your photos on my post and maybe as cutaways in the video? (www.thebuzzbubble.com)
Would you mind if I used some, and linked them to your posting?

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----- kevin kelly 25.11.09 12:43

Thanks for the inspiration.

----- Melodykid 23.11.09 05:20

Awesome photos. I am working on a group project with my eMBA cohort and we are analyzing Chiat\Day. These give a great insight into the culture of the office. What a cool looking place to work, thanks!

----- Peter 25.09.09 14:34

I am sooo much more motivated to get deeper into mkt. and adv. after reading up on TWBA\Chait\Day. OH…. that building is like heaven.

----- Smoovh502 02.09.09 01:38

My boy stales works there. When you see him spank him in the butt for me.

----- Loso@757 21.08.09 05:03

@MJB…good eye. that trash can was produced 21 years ago in 1988 when chiat was in the warehouse in venice. (the tbwa logo on the bottom is a sticker that is probably covering up a chiat/day/mojo logo.) it looks dated because it is. it’s still functional.

----- caffeine 19.08.09 21:46

MJB…regarding the comment about the trash can. that can was already an old trash can when i started working there in ‘94 (when chiat was in the gehry binoculars in venice) so it very easily could be a 20 year old trash can (or older) for bog’s sake!

----- Jill L 19.08.09 17:25

Drooling. What a space! And what an inspirational motto, “We must do the things we think we cannot do.”

I love the pissed-off rat. Who’d dare make a phone call with that thing hovering over you?!


----- Natalie 19.08.09 06:38

well, so there’s your ad dollars at work, literally…

their concepts are hopefully better than their typography. look at that white paper recycling bin. Someone needs to dope slap whomever set those Apostrophes and Quotes. It’s 2009 for bog’s sake people, the keystrokes have been documented for 20 years. Amateurs.

----- mjb 19.08.09 05:11

This place is RAD!

----- Rob Heppler 19.08.09 00:19

The Nissan Cube mailer you featured here a few weeks back was concepted within ten feet of the red phone booth!

----- Cool Monger 18.08.09 21:29

Ugh. This place is so self-consciously groovy it makes me want to puke.
I wonder how many people they’ll have to lay off to pay for this mid-lifer’s fantasy of what a cool ad agency should look like.

----- jay 18.08.09 21:15

That was fun. Bitchin photos of the interior too. I especially like the shot of the trashcan. Til next time lady.


----- Travis 18.08.09 20:58

Amazing spaces, with all that fun stuff where do they find time to rip off Sagmeister?

----- enrique 18.08.09 17:46

Thanks for sharing. It’s entirely feasible that coworking spaces will be similarly outfitted in the near future.

----- SethP 18.08.09 17:41

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