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skane0.jpg There’s something so fun about the juxtaposition of animation running around the real world ~ adorable campaign by the Swedish Tourism board aimed at brits - Dave Goes To Skåne. When i first saw this over at CPLuv i had to go watch them all! Dave is a cheeky cartoon londoner running around mouthing off in some gorgeous swedish spots ~ and you cant help but laugh, then wish you too were lying on the beach, or climbing about designer goodness in the woods… see the 4 videos on the next page!

Definitely my favorite… Dave on Art and Design!





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3 Notes

this is hilarious! I added the series to my YouTube page it’s so cute and funny.

----- carrie @ LMG 20.08.09 07:18

Dave, what a legend!

----- Walle 17.08.09 10:46

I was expecting to see the people moving in the video. It caught me by suprise that only the cartoon character was moving.

----- Nikki Thomas 14.08.09 16:27

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