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‘Place for trace’ Merchant 4- 08.17.09

trace1.jpg My pens got envious as soon as i opened the latest email from the folks at Merchant 4 ~ their new Place For Trace ~ pen/pencil and tracing paper roll holder… so pretty, so simple… it makes me want to drill holes along the edge of my desk to line up all my pens/markers/pencils… i suppose it would end up like a colorful picket fence of writing instruments (and maybe x-actos too?) around my laptop and such? Anyhow, take a peek at this new desk accessory on the next page!

afterthought: i wonder if these holes fit sharpies?




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I have already seen it somethere…

----- Nadine 02.09.09 15:37

@scott: Use your metal/plastic three-sided scale like a real man. It’s the only real way to cut trace.

----- Gene 22.08.09 16:18

$76!!!! are you NUTS? it’s a piece of wood, two curved edges, and some holes. i can make that for $2 at most!

----- John Doe 21.08.09 14:55

looks pretty..but where is the sharp edge which allows one to cut off a sheet like the ones on greaseproof sandwhich paper boxes?
with that level of design surely they could make a nice sharpish wooden edge?
that would make it more useful.

----- SCOTT 18.08.09 06:41

That piece is beautiful, I love it.

----- Kathryn 18.08.09 04:08

It does in fact hold Sharpies, but only those in the ultra-fine range with the black bum… maybe the fine ones too…

----- Brian O'Brian 17.08.09 17:14

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