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Hazlitt’s London - Teresa Cornelys- 09.22.09

cornelys0main.jpg I’m sitting at that desk, in that chair, as i write to you… I don’t even know where to begin, as you know, i’ve been a bit quiet the last few days as i was whisked off from LA to Paris and driven to Reims as soon as i touched down to go meet up with Veuve Clicquot for the start of the harvest. Which means, packed to the gills schedules, lots of champagne, a day of manual labor picking grapes, incredible experiences with friends new and old, and so many photographs to share with you! So with hundreds of photos awaiting, running on minimal sleep and having just hopped a train over to London from Paris ~ i find myself trying to catch up in the stunning Hazlitt’s in Soho. I’m going to walk you through things a bit haphazardly, but know there are MANY posts in progress to come! So first take a look at where i’ve landed to spend the day writing/photoshopping/processing my thoughts to share with you!

Huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Smith, they’ve helped me find a few hotels i may not have found on my own, and as my first stop, i’m blown away. Hazlitt’s in Soho. There is something incredible about being surrounded by walls of old books and paintings, georgian period furniture… and nice speedy wifi, bluray players and flat panels hidden behind mirrors… coupled with a huge bath tub and a thrown like wooden toilet… and motorized shades and skylights… its fascinatingly comforting to step in from the midst of Soho and into another time period, but equipped with all the tech-infused modern amenities i couldn’t survive without. Firstly, i’m just going to show you what you’ll find inside my room (honestly, i’m so tired and have so much to do, i’m hiding out for a little while, so i’ll go shoot and share some of the other amazing shared spaces later!) ~ but for a quick background… “Hazlitt’s was created in 1986 from three unspoiled 18th century townhouses, built in 1718… the hotel takes its name from William Hazlitt, perhaps the greatest of all English essayists and critics…” He both lived and died here in the 1800s when it was a boarding house, and all of the bedrooms here are named after people who lived in or has some connection with these buildings… my room is named after Mrs. Teresa Cornelys ~ a viennese opera singer and lover of Casanova, with whom she even has a child! So while i get back to catching up, take a peek at the stunning suite ~ and i’m just so inspired and excited by all of the walls of books and clawfooted fixtures around the property!

From the Hazlitt’s Site:

Teresa Cornelys Junior Suite

Teresa Cornelys was a famous 18th Century Soho courtesan, well bred, good looking and always beautifully dressed according to those who enjoyed her favours. Her room is just as she would have wished, with her portrait gazing down on you, a huge bed decorated with rich fabrics and hand carved gilded cherubs. A dressing table guaranteed to bring joy to any female heart is concealed behind panelling next to the fireplace. The adjoining private sitting room is perfect for a discreet liaison. The bathroom, approached by its own staircase, has an elegant Louis XV vanity unit and a period bathing machine which, as well as a generous bath and shower, incorporates a facility cunningly arranged to squirt water on demand onto unexpected portions of your anatomy. The room is air-conditioned, has complimentary Wi-Fi, flat screen television, Blu-ray player, stereo, mini bar, safe, antique desk and REN toiletries.





















Wow. Just had to update this to share this shower with you ~ they weren’t kidding when they said it shoots out at you from all sides…



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7 Notes

Wow, I want to live there.

----- Will 26.09.09 07:31

Wow. The hotel should use your photos for their publicity.
I want to beam myself right to that suite and stay at least a month.
Does the fireplace work?

Thanks for the vicarious trip.
Donna D

----- Donna Davidson 22.09.09 23:01

Very elegant and classy, although the toilet looks like it’s from the 1800’s….well, the whole room does. Very Fancy. You were indeed lucky to stay there.

----- Nikki Thomas 22.09.09 13:58

Gorgeous! Love the swan water spigot and the toilet “throne.”

----- Kati 22.09.09 08:22

LOVE that door knocker and the vanity hidden behind the doors! You’re awesome Jean!

----- Kate 22.09.09 07:48

That’s some hotel there Jean. You are a lucky thing to have stayed there.

*whispers* Steal the soaps and shampoo!

----- Alan Eagle 22.09.09 07:39

That is the most ridiculous toilet I have ever seen. hahah. Do you feel like a queen…or is it just awkward to use? I love that “THRILLS” book spine. very eye-catching graphic design.

----- David 22.09.09 07:16

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