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Mushroom Hooks by Masako Sugar- 09.25.09

mushroomhook1.jpgOn exciting finds at London Design Week ~ my favorite discovery at Designersblock is definitely Masako Sugar and her Mushroom Hooks! I feel like i’ve been hunting for years for the perfect coat rack or hallway hooks ~ in fact i had a big post during my hunt back in 2007! Well i wish these had existed back then! Even though i’m not exactly sure where they will go when i get home, i couldn’t resist buying three of the red ones ~ made of silicon rubber, it is nice to your clothes, far softer aesthetically than many of the harsher powder coated steel options omnipresent these days, and they are all one of a kind mushrooms (slightly different in spots, etc) ~ not to mention they look absolutely adorable on the wall, and i love the packaging! Also brilliant is the simplicity of the metal mount, and you can simply slip the silicon shroom over… or perhaps someday she’ll expand the line to different hooks you can swap in? But for now. LOVE the mushroom hooks, take a peek at close ups on the next page!








I love the story from her site:
“During the rainy season, it’s very humid in Japan. One day I found moldy wall in my room. I was worried if mushrooms were coming up. But at the same time, I imagined how funny mushrooms are growing on the wall.

Some people drive nails into walls, but I don’t like it. It may damage my clothes and myself when get caught on and even looks painful. Mushroom Hook is made by silicone rubber. It is soft and welcome your return home.

Thanks to popularity of prototypes in Designersblock Milan in this April, Mushroom Hooks are now coming out. I greatly appreciate Designersblock to gave me a chance,exhibitors and friends who gave me los of advice and encourage, my brothe,consulted with reluctantly, and Touto Rubber Industory which made such beautiful shape and parfect colour in short term with hight technology.”

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4 Notes

I love these mushrooms; where can I buy one?

----- Leanne Palmer 06.08.15 04:44

HOW do i order the mushroom hook????????????????

----- sandi 14.02.10 18:57

Funny idea and concept

----- Most Interesting Ideas 25.09.09 01:56

I fell in love with these mushroom hooks…do you know if they are somewhere available (online) ?

----- socotokio 25.09.09 00:26

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