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Rocket World T.A.D. Griz Lee Bear- 09.08.09

tadgearbear1.jpg I dont think that bear with crazed eyes and spork in hand could sum up how i’m feeling today better… unless maybe he was sipping some Balvenie 21yr Portwood as well… yes, let me level with you, it is most certainly that kind of a tuesday after a long weekend. BUT, on the flipside, it makes for an awesome excuse to share pics of this adorably crazed Rocket World T.A.D. Griz Lee Bear with you. T.A.D. Gear stands for Triple Aught Design ~ and is truly some of the best designed tactical you’ll find… not to mention it’s the brain child of Patrick Ma alongside with my favorite Rocket World creatures. While i have much more to show you from my latest stop up at their store/studios in SF, lets start with the spork wielding Griz. Check out the fun packaging and details on the next page…






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This is adorable! Very Radiohead-esque!

----- Tab 21.09.09 09:29

griz lee bear rawks! :-D

----- Patrick 08.09.09 18:54

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