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BMW Jump For Joy- 10.05.09

jumpforjoy.jpgOh, BMW. Haha. Nothing like a hilarious new video from BMW, for BMW.tv, which manages to poke fun at Audi while simultaneously making you giggle and inspire you to want to leap into your car as you take off for work this monday morning. While their first Jump For Joy video launched two days ago ~ its the twist that got added in this latest version that will really make you gasp… then giggle. Watch it on the next page!

Here’s the new video!

Here’s the First Jump For Joy video:

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2 Notes

Brilliant. A great update to an advert, even though the idea of “Joy” is pretty lame.

----- James Vincent 12.10.09 09:34

I’d still take the Audi anytime. Come on, jus look at that grill. It’s timeless!

----- Sandewwwrrr 05.10.09 11:51

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