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Dom Perignon at Hotel de Crillon- 10.29.09

crillon0.jpg Between Oxford and Stockholm, there was a last minute irresistible reason to change plans and detour through Paris to have dinner as a guest of Dom Perignon in Versailles! In the style and room that Louis XIV dined… ok, quite honestly, for something that “once in a lifetime” feeling, how could you turn down such an opportunity? So that meant hopping on a train to London in the morning, then Eurostarring it over to Paris, and then into the infamous Hotel de Crillon (according to wikipedia, it’s one of the oldest luxury hotels in the WORLD), where a matte black Dom Perignon bag filled with matte black goodness and lots of history and background information on the world of Dom awaited me on the desk to dive into in the few hours i had to prepared before for dinner. So before we get into Versailles… here’s a peek at design details of Hotel de Crillon and the lovely packaging of the Dom Perignon materials! (As you’ll see, they LOVE stacks of cards/imagery on gorgeous paper in various sizes… even with gilded edges…)

Smidge early for check in, so took in the scene and wifi at the lounge while waiting…

Here’s the view as i peeked up from my laptop…

Upon entering my room (#505!) i just loved how dramatically lit the bag was, and also love the silver chair!



There’s something so nostalgic, luxurious, and personal about seeing your name in calligraphy…


As you undo the ribbon on the box of “stories” ~ you encounter a series of cards ~ and the loveliest and most surprising detail is the silver edges of each one…



The Manifesto was also beautifully boxed, and if you lift the top ribbon, it’s another series of cards explaining their mission…

Huge bed (but split down the middle!)

STUNNING bathroom… i was so fascinated that BEHIND the bath, as the ceiling slopes, you have SO much room another person or 3 could lay/sit and hang out with you perfectly dry as you take a bath…

All bath products were by Annick Goutal ~ the Parisian High Perfumery House…

Loved the pretty bath salt jar, branded scale tissue cover, and the bubble bath was divine…

The placement and branding of the tissues caught my attention…

View out of the window….


On hotel pet peeves? For those following my twitter, i’ve become super conscious of which hotel rooms i end up in that don’t have full length mirrors! And this was one of them! Yet if you opened the door and wandered into the hallway… there were TONS!

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3 Notes

Great pictures ” Ca donne envie “

----- Jo Yana 02.11.09 07:10

Beautiful legs… :)

Couldn’t really see the silver edges though…

----- Teru 29.10.09 17:54

This is something I only dream about. I will probably never see the inside much less stay.

At least I can dream about it and taking my wife.

----- rhfjr 29.10.09 06:51

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