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My Bathroom at the Lydmar Hotel- 10.29.09

lydmarbathroom1.jpg I know. I go rather quiet for a few days as i travel far too much the last few months, still not sure what day or time zone i’m in most of the time, but one thing i’m sure of… it’s 5:30 am and i should be sleeping, but i’m staring at such an awesome bathroom here in the Lydmar Hotel, i just had to share it with you before i go sleep. The slate tiles floor to ceiling… the incredible lighting… the way the fixtures all seem to float… the contrast in textures… the hardcore thick grey blinds… I suppose the part that i’m smitten with most is the inset mirror that then doubles as a shelf, as well as a beautifully lit frame (only lit by two strips of light along the sides), and everything on the shelf looks so dramatic! So take a look at more details… including the packaging of their Byredo Parfums Tailor’s Cotton line of toiletries…

you also have to see the room key… it looks like a car key… and they all have different keychains!



On the left, you have my shower… on the right is a peek at the tub in another room…

Here’s my awesome room key! I keep wanting to *beep* my door shut when i leave… and mine has an ordning & reda leather heart! They all have different keychains…

Oooh and on those blinds i’m liking, here are some close ups…


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I just started to follow Notcot a week ago, because of its general awesomeness. And how awesome isn’t it that you just today fell in love with the Lydmar Hotel, not far from where I live and work.

Have a nice stay here in Stockholm :)


----- Rasmus 29.10.09 08:01

I think you have the coolest job EVER! I would love to learn more about how to came about with notcot ideas and how it blew up into full on awesomeness. Every time I check back to the site I get more and more jealous of you because your life seems so fun! AHH!

----- Cameron 29.10.09 06:39

Lovely bathroom

----- Interior ideas 29.10.09 00:21

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