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TAD Gear Titanium Rescue Ring- 10.22.09

tadring1.jpg Yes, i totally impulse bought myself a TAD Gear Titanium Rescue Ring last time i popped by the store. But it’s really for safety reasons! I mean, how do you know when you might need to bust a piece of glass to escape from who knows what? And its just so light and beautifully, simply designed with the little removable stainless steel glass breaker tip! And you can even swap on an optional compass! And so nicely thought out, there is even a little keychain loop to hold that tip when you’re just wearing it as your titanium ring… the real question is, who doesn’t need one? See more pics of mine up close on the next page ~ it has cute packaging too!






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wow, you people are so…stupid. This is a great idea, nice design and no, it wouldn’t break your finger, if you really want I’ll get a video of me breaking some glass with mine and upload it somewhere, stop being such kill-joys.


----- Felix 08.03.10 02:30

It looks like a weapon to me, and I don`t need one of these.

----- Caico 27.10.09 05:05

I agree with Matt. That thing is like to snap your finger if you ever actually punch anything (or anyone) with any real force applied. Wouldn’t say that it’s ugly tho, and it’s a fun idea.

Nice blog by the way.

----- Kristian 26.10.09 22:55

awesome! great taste in jewelry :) (scared to see what your engagement ring might look like someday…)

----- tommy p 22.10.09 20:53

WOW, I really DON’T need one of those!! It seems pretty ugly to me and, actually, I’m sorry but I just can’t help imagining it being used during a fight… Awful

----- Clara 22.10.09 13:49

Piece of crap. Needs something to support it in the palm area. It will shift with the first blow and end up breaking the finger it rests upon.

----- matt spangler 22.10.09 10:08

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