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The Colors of Rachell Sumpter- 10.20.09

rachellsumpter1.jpg On tabs that stay open way too long on my laptop making me realize i am more drawn to the work than i first thought, i haven’t been able to close the website of Rachell Sumpter since i found her through Kitsune Noir ~ the colors are just stunning, and once you get over that you get sucked into the level of detail, and the possible stories that exist in the technicolor dreamworlds she creates. Will someone please animate her world and set it to a dreamily inspiring soundtrack to lose ourselves in? I wonder how large her originals are? They’d be stunning as large wall sized pieces to wander up to and stare at… See more of my favorites on the next page…







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Yes! I love her work. They would be spectacular on a large scale. I’ve seen them in person, the colors are brilliant and they are quite small, which makes all the details that much more impressive.

----- Melissa 20.10.09 11:17

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