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Twitter “Follow Me” Tattoo Socks- 10.30.09

tweetsock.jpg Tattoo Socks! Tel Aviv designer, Gaby, makes tattoo socks which first turned up as NotCouture #5165 in its octopus incarnation (which i love!), but when i looked at the rest of her designs, the Twitter referencing “Follow Me” with birdie needed more sharing… taking twitter back out from digital to real world to really play with the idea of following… sure, people do tshirts and necklaces, but come on… its more likely a guy will literally follow you to ask you for your twitter handle as you saunter past in a short tight black dress and these sheer knee high tattoo socks… although i do wonder, would it be better to custom print your twitter handle on the other leg? Let people physically follow you and then start digitally following you without even really meeting in person face to face? Much food for thought, so many possibilities, definitely a cute idea… see more pics on the next page!




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I love these! They’re such a quite idea. I just blogged about them and now I sort of want a pair :)

----- S.S. 19.11.09 13:25

Thanks to Gaby for the awesome twitter tights!

My tights at a tweetup, captured with Lori Todd’s camera!

----- Mallory 08.11.09 17:53

These are lovely!

----- Monica Hamburg 05.11.09 13:40

I think these tights are the bomb… i want i want

----- Katy Coe 02.11.09 07:57

Def sexy.

----- Dosu 31.10.09 10:39

But what if you already have a large squid tattoo on your leg? Do the Octopus and Squid fight over viewing space ;)


----- Squid 30.10.09 12:28

Okay, these are sexy. I like the Script, Curvy but still blocky like text. Warning to the ladies: Please don’t wear them unles we can stare at them cause we’re going :)

----- Erik 30.10.09 02:37

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