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180 Grammes- 11.29.09

180g0.jpg I am mesmerized and fascinated and suddenly feeling the need to pick a color and dye things. Don’t mock, but i’m SO giddy because i think i’m finally nearly caught up on email for the first time in… YEARS? 1300 to under 100!!! Took me something from 11am to 6am yesterday… but nearly there! and in it i just found this gem from a friend…

“I was in Paris last week and I spent 2 hours in the 180 grammes store in la Bastille and I thought it could be of interest for you. They are making painted clothes and shoes. They have a deal with Nike and are making super cool shoes. In the store, the clothes they have (for men and women) are amazing and custom made. I bought a pair of nike and pants but frankly, with more money I would have bought everything. Apparently, they are submerged with request from people… it was tough to have make my pair of shoes in 1 day!”

How incredible is that? And then i just lost a bit of time staring at the images on the 180 grammes site… absolutely stunning. Seriously. Look at all these COLORS! See more images on the next page…


Their about page prompts you with: What’s color do you prefer ?

N°11 Blue Lagoon, N°3 Charcoal Grey, N°22 Paradise Pink, N°61 Amethyst Purple..or N°31 Cherry Red ?

We propose you to select an item from the 180g collections ranging from traditional flannel jackets to silk dresses to cashmere scarves to bamboo-fiber T-shirts and have it colored especially for your mood and your lifestyle. You can choose from a palette of more than 100 distinctive colors. Each piece is a work of art, hand painted in our atelier for rich, nuanced, luminous colors. In our new 150sqm location showcases, you will discover the unique world of this brand with clothing and accessories for men, women and children along with customized furnishings and acrylic wall art.







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This is amazing!

----- Tony 30.11.09 09:09

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