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Ace Hotel Palm Springs Room 214- 11.13.09

acepalmsprings0.jpg Don’t mock. It’s friday night. I know. It’s friday the 13th even! And honestly, as many events and people are convening in LA for a combination of art events, MOCA anniversary, and so much more this weekend ~ after that endless travelfest the last month and a non stop week since i touched back down ~ i couldn’t help myself when a few fun folks said “Ok!” to having our own top secret brainstorm session where we’d clear the weekend and meet up in Palm Springs. So after a delicious (intellectually and nourishingly) breakfast meeting at Chateau Marmont, i hopped back in the car and drove east… running super low on sleep and high on ideas, i stumbled into the Ace Hotel Palm Springs, and into Room 214 with only my laptop/camera bag and purse… and have been sucked into photoshopping and before i wander back out to feed myself and see whats going on with the wedding folks right outside… i just had to share this little oasis with you. Stepping in, life slowed down, mind felt clearer, body felt calmer. And the welcome card tells me “Life is not about surviving the storm, but learning to dance in the rain.” Wise words to live by ~ so let’s dance? I have a feeling there will be much more to share this weekend… the Ace family always does manage to get me so inspired with their attention to details, great design, and just awesome experiences…




Ceramic “Not Now” on a rope ~ much better than do not disturb.



This chair! I can’t stop staring at it…

I like it when the internet greets me happily!






Kind of loving sheepskin as sink mat/rug…

these remind me of being a kid ~ i either had these exact ones (but retro version) or VERY similar ones from southwest roadtrip adventures…


Oh, Ace. How i do love your squishy headboards… with pockets!

My mom read this post then emailed me this pic:
Subject: found our insect Easy Field Guide..
SO! i’m not crazy!

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8 Notes

Amazing as always :)

----- forex robot 19.11.09 08:29

The Ace Hotel was quite the experience! I hope you had a chance to eat at Kings Highway. The Pancakes and French Toast was Scrumpalicious!

----- Rye N 19.11.09 08:07

I love what appears to be a handwritten note with an inspirational quote - not a bad way to be welcomed! This Ace looks great, I keep meaning to get my butt over to the Ace they just opened here in NYC and check it out.

----- lauren 17.11.09 10:27

Hello, I love your site and always check for inspirations. I was pleasantly surprised to find you enjoyed your stay at ACE as I was part of the design team that did the interiors and architecture.
Thanks for the lovely posts.

----- yeva babayan 14.11.09 14:36

Field Guides as a kid! They’re what got me into science and nature as a kid. I can honestly say they changed my life. They’re absolutely fantastic.

----- ed hardy 14.11.09 00:01

You’re too funny. The update is hilarious!

----- Kristiano 13.11.09 23:40

this place officially cracks me up. will have to make the odyssey out to PS and check it out myself. thanks for sharing.

----- Blake 13.11.09 20:25

I had those Field Guides as a kid! They’re what got me into science and nature as a kid. I can honestly say they changed my life. They’re absolutely fantastic.

----- apolicious 13.11.09 20:15

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