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Target: Art of the Gift Card- 11.25.09

targetgc000.jpg Would you believe that pile up there contains 4 different Target Gift Cards? After seeing a magazine ad for some of the new gift cards this season, Linhchi and i took a little field trip to 2 targets tonight to see what there was… i’m absolutely in love with the beautifully illustrated Winter Fishing Hole Board Game of a gift card as well as the adorable wind up dog that pulls a woody sleigh gift card ~ both of which are new for this year! Unfortunately between those two targets we weren’t able to find the remote controlled mouse in a shopping cart, but you can still see pics of that on the next page. We’re also now very familiar with exactly where around the whole layout of their stores you can find gift cards (different ones in different sections, often at the ends of aisles)… also found were a really fun coloring birthday card with a box of crayons as a gift card ~ and a relaxing car with a bathtub on a box filled with bath salts! I’m impressed with what playful and thoughtful ways target has come up with to enhance the often boring gift card giving experience. While this isn’t a new phenomenon (remember the light up Target Wii gift card we dissected?) ~ this year’s did seem particularly noteworthy for fun design! See closeups and others on the next page…

This is the ad that first caught my eye… still keeping an eye out for that remote controlled mouse in a cart! Apparently it can only go backwards and forwards, but still adorable idea! The coins i saw in the store ~ its a bag of 5 each preset to be worth $5 (unlike the others where you can tell them how much to make it for). Didn’t see the peel and stick one, cool idea that they are basically just selling you a barcode sticker…



See? They are all gift cards!




I was a bit amazed at the level of detail on this set ~ from the color names to the pattern on the wrappers to the way they are all perfectly aligned with names facing upwards…


Again on the details… when the salts were in, you’d barely see the tub behind… i like that they went the extra step to be that thorough… for a gift card!






Here are a few gift card links and pics of more i found online that weren’t in store:
Viewfinder Giftcard
Reusable Tote Giftcard
Nightlight Giftcard
Puppy Windup Toy Giftcard
Remote Control Mouse Giftcard
Winter Fishing Hole Game Giftcard

if you have more fun ones you’ve found ~ would love to hear/see more! And who else is doing fun gift cards out there? Only one to jump to mind right now is sephora, which has always had them in nice compact mirrors.

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I think these are adorable! I love when companies get creative with simple things and also things that remind me of my childhood.

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