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The Grilled Cheese Truck LA- 11.10.09

grilledcheese0.jpg NOTCOT Field Trip? Posted The Grilled Cheese Truck earlier this week on NOTCOT.org, and when we noticed it was going to be on this side of town for lunch, simply had to pop out to see what all the commotion was about. (Also, i have a soft spot for grilled cheese… and their logo reminds me of The Magic School Bus… i half expected to see Ms. Frizzle pop out to take us on a cheesy adventure)… With website, twitter, and facebook page (like many of these social media savvy specialty lunch trucks) the updates were constant as their precise location kept changing down to the minute, and we finally found them at the Los Angeles Fine Arts & Wine Storage Company parking lot, only half an hour into it and quite the line had already formed, inescapable scent of delicious greasy cheesiness omnipresent. Even CBS news was there tasting and shooting away… With a mix of your classic grilled cheeses, to your gourmet grilled cheese (add in mac+cheese, bacon, avocado, bbq pork and more) ~ and even dessert options (marshmallows, nutella, bananas) ~ as well as tomato soup shots and more ~ it was hard to choose! As with all of these specialty twitter happy lunch trucks, the lines are long, ordering seems to be the bottleneck, and it seems best to meet up with a bunch of friends to hang out with in line… also, go early! Because depending on zoning/landlord regulations, they can usually only stay put for a limited amount of time, so not everyone will get fed! So take a peek at more pics of both the truck and the food ~ this is the first time i’ve peeked INSIDE the truck! And since it took quite a while to get the food, and i promised to get Linhchi back to her house by 1:40, we shot the food pics in the car (sometimes at red lights)…

was reading up last night on this Lunch Truck Phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the nation lately ~ some fun resources to note: Find LA Food Trucks and California Taco Trucks (run by dan’s old boyscout friend, Cyrus Farivar!)

While fun and amusing ~ i think overall, if i’m going to spend an hour+ at lunch with friends, i’d rather do the sit down thing ~ but good times, and a fun chance to catch up with some old friends!

From an im conversation right now, we’ve decided that when the process of getting the food and hanging out with friends is a lot of the fun… where is our champagne and oysters truck?






Here’s CBS’ @malkoff and cameraman (sorry! i didn’t catch your name!) waiting for grilled cheesiness…


Tomato soup shot looks like a tub of salsa, perfect for dipping… grilled cheese needs to be eaten fast while still crispy and gooey ~ definitely super greasy though!

Tater tots were like you’d expect… (we wish we had some salt +/or ketchup in the car!)

A peek at the sweet dessert gooey marshmallow, nutella, roasted banana one ~ honestly wasn’t a huge fan ~ it was a pile of mashed banana on mostly one half that didn’t really mix with the black and white goo… but it did make me crave smores!



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I love this site and just wish I was as smart as you guys but maybe I can at least give you a smile?

No good deed goes unpunished.

----- Stephen Neave 24.12.10 05:01

We have cookie vans around these parts… I thought it was a rogue operation until I discovered that a lot of college towns in the area have them… Cookies are amazing though and served piping hot, regardless if they are legit.

----- Laura 23.11.09 09:28

There is! A Sprinkles truck. :)

----- Esther 12.11.09 09:35

Yeah next is the “Smores” Truck……..
then the All organic truck…

Wheres the fresh donut trucks?
or how about Malasada Truck!

----- Barbertech 12.11.09 07:59

that’s clever - now you just need the Cupcake truck to come by!

----- carrie @ bloomacious 11.11.09 06:11

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