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“Wash Away All Sins” Soap Dispenser- 11.09.09

soap.jpg Undergrowth Design “Wash Away All Sins” Soap Dispenser ~ designer Tina Tsang describes it as “Angled for a perfect scrub to cleanse away all your naughty secrets! Resembling a ‘foaming’ bar of soap sinking into the sink top, the ‘Wash Away All Sins’ Soap Dispenser is hand-made in England with ceramic earthenware. On the reverse side, a definition of ‘clean’ to remind user of new state of ‘cleanliness’, innocent of all their little sins.”



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I saw a tv show last week about this. It wasn’t as exciting as your writing.

----- Roselle Simmerman 24.12.10 05:06

Neat idea, cute.

----- Dosu 10.11.09 08:44

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