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Anthropologie Birthday Card- 12.02.09

anthrobday4.jpgOn completely unexpected pieces of mail ~ Anthropologie really knows how to add those special little touches to the customer experience. While i was mixed on joining and getting an Anthro Card when i was at the Man Shops Globe event (and couldn’t help buying something) i gave in and signed up. The benefits weren’t quite clear… but i just recieved a pretty little bubble wrap envelop from them containing the cutest birdthday wishes with a cupcake made from piercings (a fun change from the letterpress trend) and a candle necklace… as well as an in store discount. But presentation matters! And it was such a surprising and adorable card. So thanks, Anthropologie, that was a pretty cute move. Check out close ups on the next page… even the copy is playful.







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Does anyone know where they got the candles they used on there? I noticed they were not normal wax candles but instead had a hole through them? thanks!!

----- Kara 12.01.10 12:29

I love it! I rec’d one in the mail the other day. Sagittarians unite! XO

----- Joycie 03.12.09 11:15

I’m glad you covered this! This is a great example of a detailed customer experience. I was definitely pleased to get mine. Last year, they sent a little pouch with decorative buttons on it. I still use it!


----- Natalie 03.12.09 06:13

so funny! i just got home and i got one in the mail as well. happy december birthdays

----- Jennifer 02.12.09 19:56

I received a card from them on my birthday too. Mine was different, but still so lovely. It came in this button pouch made of fabric. It was so cute I brought it into work to show everyone. Details.

----- Desi 02.12.09 18:49

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