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The Great Penguin Bookchase- 12.01.09

bookchase.jpg For those who love books, what a perfect boardgame to gift! I forget who first sent this to me, but i’ve had these pics waiting in photoshop on the desktop for some time now! Have you played Bookchase? While the original wasn’t as visually appealing to me, i have always loved the look of penguin classics, and these adorable little penguin books on shelves with the penguin covers on the board… so cute. All packaged in a giant book of course! So here is The Great Penguin Bookchase!

Here’s the official description “The fist edition of BOOKCHASE® was launched at the Hay International Literary Festival in 2007, to rave reviews. Bookchase is the perfect game for anyone who has ever read a book. The game can be played with questions or without - fast or slow. Ever dropped a book in the bath, or lent a book to someone and never got it back?? 2-6 players aged 6 and upwards - the perfect family boardgame. First to collect, beg, borrow or steal 6 books is the winner.” See more pics on the next page!






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omg that is so cute!! I want one too! How much- and how do we get one??

----- Lucie Pecor 04.03.11 11:51

I get myself coming to your journal progressively frequently to the point where my visits are near regular immediately!

----- spływy kajakowe 16.12.10 11:35

Love The Great Penguin Book Chase. Had trouble getting it for Christmas, but managed it in the end and it was well worth it. Can you buy additional questions cards? We can’t stop playing it and are worried we will run out of cards.


----- Lesley 31.01.10 07:31

are you the Tony Davis that taught at The Coopers Copburn(? school in Essex in the 1970s and 80s?And collected the first 100 penguin paperbacks as first editions moving onto the second 100? (connection: my wife went to the school)

----- jon mordey 18.12.09 05:28

Hi there

is this actually just a board game or are there questions. And if there are questions, are they about fiction books? Can’t quite work out whether it’s a bit like trivial pursuits but all literature, which is the sort of game i’d really like!

----- Billygean 07.12.09 06:16

Hi - Penguin Bookchase is available from a number of UK retailers such as John Lewis, select WHSmiths and Conran. It is also available from the company website - http://www.artmeetsmatter.com. I know this because I designed it…best wishes - Tony

----- Tony Davis 05.12.09 05:09

sounds like a good game- where can I get it and how much is it

----- lee 02.12.09 10:26

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