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Dunlop @ NAMM- 01.19.10

dunlop0.jpg On silly little kid stories, when i used to hang out at guitar stores with my dad, i’d be that little girl the store guys would let play with the pick drawers, and they’d always let me have a few… my favorites? Dunlop Tortex! In Green of course! Because i was in that rational “it HAS to be green, its a turtle” little kid mindset, and while knowing it made a difference, i refused to care about how thick it was, what the different colors meant, etc… i just wanted the green ones… flash forward about 20 years, and is it any wonder that my absolute favorite booth encountered at NAMM is Dunlop? The graphic design of the posters and the design of the booth itself were so much fun, the kind of inspiring that makes you want to go design gig posters… and i could have stayed and stared at the panels of custom guitar picks for hours. Also, how exciting is it that there will be a documentary film coming this spring on the Cry Baby? Seeing that awesomely designed poster just made me remember being a little girl balancing on the wah wah pedals amused no end with all the noises i could make… And really, how could i not post the Bad Mutha Fucka Shut Yo Mouth posters… all of the graphics at this booth were really far too fun to pass up. Take a little tour of it all on the next page!
















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I only play the green dunlop tortex picks—have for years. that is, until i ordered my little sister 100 picks for her birthday (on new years eve!) from Steve Clayton. The picks came (she likes frogs, so I had a friend draw a frog playing a guitar riding a snowboard to imprint on it), and they were the same green ones I’ve been playing from Dunlop. Maybe they share a supplier? Maybe one supplies the other? I don’t know, but I do know that I love those green picks. Now if I could only join a band…

----- Rick C 20.01.10 16:29

Thanks for posting this… it’s cool to see Dunlop knows how to have fun. I’ve been using Dunlop Tortex Jazz Medium picks for 15 years, and I’ve yet to find one that works as well as these little green picks for just about everything.

----- Karl 20.01.10 13:45

Hi, i’m from Dunlop Manufacturing. Please contact me - we’d love to use your photos!


----- Brandon 20.01.10 11:12

Tortex picks are the BEST… the plastic and coating make an awesome feeling pick in your hand. I’m partial to either the yellows or greens, depending on if I’m picking or strumming. And who’s pedalboard would be complete without a cry baby?

----- Gene 19.01.10 21:08

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