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Manymals- 01.28.10

manymals0.jpg While at A+R Store today, i couldn’t resist these lovely Manymals silver necklaces. Sleek simple shapes ~ Bat, Sloth, Gorilla, Bulldog ~ designed by Markus Diebel. And as if i didn’t love them enough then… they teased me with the packaging, which is so AWESOME! I nearly didn’t want to open it, but i was dying to wear my new bat tonight! Sleek black packaging molded out of 100% recycled paper. Playful typography on the back panel describing each creature… and 5% of sales go to WildAid! Ok but beyond how pretty the pieces look, you have to see how cool the packaging is on the next page!





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Thanks for all your interest and thanks Notcot for discovering them.
If you like to buy them visit A+R or Colette.
If you have questions or comments, send them to me markus@manymals.com.
Best, Markus

----- Markus 30.01.10 11:49

Just wonderful! The bat is my favorite of the four. I’m so happy the designer chose the bat for one of the Manymals, I’d like to have more bat accessories.

----- Sarah Brown 29.01.10 09:44

Found them online at Colette: http://www.colette.fr/#/a/3/eshop/174/redstart/brand/104415/

Looks like they are part of RedStart Design?

----- kittenk 28.01.10 17:49

I need one of these! Where can I get one?!?

----- Katie 28.01.10 15:07

I’m also trying to find out where I can buy one online. Does someone know…?

----- Esther 28.01.10 13:47

How do I buy!? I can’t find anywhere. :(

----- Amy 28.01.10 12:50

I too am trying to track down somewhere to buy these online… or in NYC…

----- Tama 28.01.10 12:29

Love the packaging! I wouldn’t want to open them either

----- Tamara 28.01.10 12:17

Oo, these are wonderful. The sleekness is really terrific. I’m trying to find them online and the link isn’t working — any tips?

----- Laura 28.01.10 09:38

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