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Ultimate Ears Customs @ NAMM- 01.18.10

ue.jpg The super sweet folks of Ultimate Ears (an irvine based Logitech company) ~ reached out and invited me to visit them at NAMM ~ and little did i know that when i arrived at their booth, i’d be sat down in an ominous white leather chair, while Dr. Noy in white lab coat and all would make me bite down on a piece of foam while he filled my ears with mysterious blue quick drying goo. Ok, so to be fair, that’s the creepier way of wording it, basically they took impressions of the inner workings of my ears for some custom fit earphones by Ultimate Ears - while i’ve never been much of a headphone connoisseur, they’re catching me up quickly… i’ve been using their 700s since the unboxing and the sound quality has been awesome… but people can’t seem to stop raving about the customs… not to mention i’m fascinated by the idea that they can be customized to your heart’s content (color, graphics, etc) and they fill fit perfectly into your ears (and only your ears! unless you find an ear twin?)… more to come once i actually figure out how i want to customize my customs (any suggestions?) ~ but for now, take a peek at the fun Ultimate Ears NAMM booth! It had quite the crowd, but i tried to sneak a few fun pics of the ear molding process and some of the examples that were out!



ultimateears4.jpg Here’s the girl that was in the hot seat when i first arrived…


ultimateears6.jpg Here are my ears… in a bag!

ultimateears7.jpg A peek at the tools used to mold them… just mix and fill ears with goo… and a few moments later, a perfect mold is ready.






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Yes! Absolutely Love my UE5s. The molding process is weird for sure but it’s absolutely worth it. Nothing like a perfect piece sliding into your ear hole every single time. EQing, mixing and mastering with these babies in, is pretty glorious.

----- Elizabeth 30.01.14 10:58

I want these SOOO bad…. Wish I had 2 grand to blow on headphones

----- Tory Jackson 21.01.10 14:32

May I say that all your NAMM pictures turned out great! Thanks for letting me tag along at UE, etc. I can’t wait to see how your customs turn out!

----- Arielle 20.01.10 14:57

I’ve been wanting these for y(ear)s… I’m super jealous. As a former tour manager and musician, I can tell you that these things are serious. Some other brands (eh hem… BOSE) don’t even come close. I also have a set of Bang & Olufsens, which are gorgeous, and ultimately worthless—the sound is tinny and thin. sigh. Enjoy these! You won’t regret it!!

----- Rick C. 19.01.10 16:09

Wow, this is so intense! I’d be scared of letting someone put that goo in my ears, though- it looks like they go pretty deep.

----- Stephanie 19.01.10 13:52

Ah! I’m so envious, Jean. Custom earphones must sound amazing.

----- Jim Thoburn 18.01.10 22:49

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