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Puma Penguin goes Spray Painting- 02.17.10

penguin0.jpg It was one of those nights. Just needed something amusing and random to do ~ so a late night adventure with Linhchi meant scheming over the fire pit at Johnnies, then suddenly going to Home Depot to buy spray paint, popping by the other house to grab some penguins… then to the garage! To lay on lounge chairs, take silly pictures (testing out my new purse cam the d-lux 4 ~ it makes some impressively pretty colors, esp in low light), and spray paint tester pieces of a sad broken puma penguin… we learned things like, penguin looks awesome just about anywhere… lacquer and gloss weren’t working so well… light coats of matte seem ok, but needs a few coats and then some clear gloss… perhaps tomorrow in the hot sun we’ll try spraying down a whole penguin… but as for tonight, the pictures looked adorably eerie as the purple penguin cast poignant shadows and sprayed down pieces of his orange friend. or enemy. you can make up your own backstory. See the pics on the next page!








See… lacquer and gloss just pooled up crazily… penguin4.jpg




And then we left him in the garage for tonight… penguin8.jpg

These are the sad freaky orange penguin bits… penguin9.jpg



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9 Notes

I don’t know about it. That penguin looks very menacing standing in the dark by your car. I think he’s pissed off because he’s pink, and he has no clothes. Send me his measurements. I will make him something to make that hot pink look dapper.

----- Cara Jean Means 18.02.10 14:06

love the penguins! They’re such cute little guys!

----- Dina 17.02.10 18:49

I have been stalking your stalker penguins since the first time I saw them on NotCot. They never fail to make me laugh!

----- Diana 17.02.10 17:45

I actually kind of like the pooled look. however, it would be hard to make it uniform over the entire piece…can’t wait to see how it ends up.

----- Mr. Stranger 17.02.10 14:40

very frustrating to see these wonderful penguins but not being able to get one.
I have been trying to get one for ages …please let me know how I can get one of these lovelies :]

----- claire 17.02.10 14:14

Light sanding (800) or primer coat will prevent the pooling. Got any buddies with an airbrush kit?

Would love to see one in Dazzle Camouflage.

----- austin 17.02.10 09:00

You have to sand stuff before you paint it silly. Otherwise it doesn’t stick!

----- Jesse Scroggins 17.02.10 08:29

Wow, you have one of the cleanest garages I’ve ever seen.

----- Scott B 17.02.10 07:54

It’s the propelant in the spray paint. Try sealing the penguin first then spray paint. Better yet try air brushing pigments or paint sprayer like what car painters use. You run into problems like this when modeling terain for tabletop games. Foam is light and easy to shape and carve but it hates spray paint. If you want a trip texture sometimes spray paint and covers are nice it’s an easy way to age a smooth foam into a rough / weathered finish. Good luck make sure you show us the results good or bad.

----- Erik 17.02.10 05:37

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