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suckcontest.jpg HAPPY Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day! (Did i miss any? What a long weekend this is!) And i’m back! After quite a bit of travel/meetup madness, drove back to LA, then hid out last night, only to wake up to the crashing of socal waves outside the window.. and i’m feeling more excited and rejuvenated than ever for what 2010 has in store for NOTCOT.

SO! To celebrate this holiday trifecta of a weekend, our friends at SUCK UK have put together a super fun bundle for you… I’ve decided to split things up a tiny bit ~ 2 ways to win! So here’s what to do and what you might win:

  1. 3 Guns Table Vase, Mixtape USB Stick, and Silver Plated Love Hearts Sweet (A perfect replica of the classic sweet. Says “I Love You”) ~ FOR A CHANCE TO WIN: Leave a note with what you have planned for this weekend! I’ll email the winner on Tuesday the 16th of Feb.

  2. Mixtape USB Stick ~ the TWITTER giveaway ~ follow me, @NOTCOT, and tweet @NOTCOT with your pick for the ultimate mixtape song and use #notsuck so i can find it. I’ll D the winner on Tuesday the 16th of Feb, so make sure you’re following @NOTCOT!

Have an amazing weekend!!!

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146 Notes

We spent the early morning together, went off for work and met up later after 10 p.m. to exchange little gifts. It was fun and goofy!

----- TY 16.02.10 05:08

Cooking breakfast @ bed for my girlfriend. :)

----- Svaton Roman 15.02.10 22:24

I am going/went to Minneapolis to visit my boyfriend, where we spent a night laughing with friends, went cross-country skiing and had a romantic dinner!

----- Emily Jones 15.02.10 19:14

Going to the grocery store and cooking dinner with a good friend. Baking cookies for friends and neighbors.

----- Laurita 15.02.10 17:59

Spend time with my beautiful wife.

----- scott 15.02.10 17:30

this weekend i had planned to celebrate valentines with my best friends sat night. besides that i worked sunday and went to school on monday…. elsewise i was watching old movies such as out on the town and singing in the rain or the olympics, while eating in bed to recreate the feel of room service, which was utterly delightful.

----- Maggie 15.02.10 15:15

when there is little to no romance in your life (particularly on V-Day) I find it best to carouse with friends. therefore, i spent saturday night, into sunday morning drinking, dancing and meeting new people. stumbled home with my friends where we cuddled ourselves to sleep. then, went to brunch on with the very same friends where we stuffed ourselves on delicious eats and Pimm’s cups. our bellies and hearts full, we wandered off to frolick around the city. that’s love.

----- Liza 15.02.10 13:10

Tea-lovers are the BEST lovers!
And I always like to serve my friends to some unique teas on Valentine’s Day.
This year, I’m keeping it simple with a straight herbal infusion of rose buds; nothing more. Nothing could be more romantic than giving your partner roses (s)he can DRINK for Valentine’s Day! It only takes a quick 30 seconds in boiling water to get aroma at its peak.

Click the URL to see a picture of your Valentine’s cuppa.

----- Tyler 15.02.10 12:40

Same as always. Nothing.

----- twoeightnine 15.02.10 12:39

My husband came with me to my grandmother’s 90th birthday party.

----- robin 15.02.10 12:30

i detailed the car and had cheap chinese food. oh, happy valentine’s

----- victor 15.02.10 12:22

I spent this weekend shopping with my best friend. I can’t wait to see the boy for our anniversary later this month :) Long distance relationships suck!

----- Alex 15.02.10 12:15

Went to the DC Record Fair and ate dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, Masala Art.

----- Sarah 15.02.10 12:15

Sleep in, breakfast in bed and a bike ride/picnic on a sunny Vancouver day… followed by an early night - it was good times!

----- Tama 15.02.10 12:14

my boyfriend and i made pancakes, bought fake flowers for a dollar to decorate my desk, and watched tv shows that made us laugh :)

----- katy r 15.02.10 12:12

cooking some good food with friends and reading the new book i just got…all while watching an enormous amount of snow fall outside my window

----- david 15.02.10 12:11

I spent the weekend snowed in

----- Lea 15.02.10 11:34

Making pesto and roses and chocolate! And of course, watching the Olympics and live streams from NY fashion week. Duh!!!!

----- Christina Ooi 15.02.10 11:22

Going to the US premiere of Grupo de Rua’s “h3” performance art/breakdance. You must see it! I think you’d like it. Here’s a clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_rWQSMqu-g&feature=related

----- Marky 15.02.10 09:14

I’ll go to Bogota fashion week… I hope to see a lot of nice stuff there!!!

----- juan 15.02.10 07:08

Trips to the airport, Chocolate making class for Two @ Viking Cooking School, followed by dinner at our fav place, and spending time with her family, Great weekend.

—Side note— Thanks Jean, for the Magazine tip way back when in December, totally worth it!

----- Robert 15.02.10 01:43

This long weekend will be filled with surfing and relaxing on the beach. I don’t have a lady in my life right now so I’m focusing all my love and attention on my stand-in Valentine, the beach. Oh, and of course sushi and plenty of fro yo.


----- Jared K 14.02.10 23:20

Just sleeping, after few good books perhaps. The best way to spend weekend anywhere in the world. For me at least.

----- Georgina Heryanto 14.02.10 21:23

Chinese New Year and Valetines, best combination ever. I’m surprising him with James Jean XOXO postcards, lingerie that won’t stay on for long, then a venture to Chinatown on a dragonhunt and home for a feast.

----- michelle 14.02.10 13:58

Nice w/e planned with OH and DD. Champagne lunch Sunday, while DD at Grannys!

----- Elizabeth Burton 14.02.10 13:23

just hanging out with my sweetie, walking to the comics store and making dinner at home.

----- delia mayoff 14.02.10 12:53

My plans? Well, right now, my platonic lady friend and I are going to make mimosas and eat bagels while watching Black Dynamite. Suck it, love!

----- Adam 14.02.10 11:44

Quality time with my fiancee! …when I’m not working :( working both of my jobs on friday, saturday, and sunday. But a delicious dinner and a movie planned for Monday.

----- Ryan H 14.02.10 11:42

I’m going to be hanging out in my snuggie, which is covered in cat fur. While I lounge in such style I will also be watching Hostel, Mallrats and Pink Flamingos. My movie snacks with be marked down holiday candy from target. Occasionally I’ll get up to check facebook, and bitch with my friends about how stupid Valentine’s day is. It’ll be fun, totally not sad or anything.

----- Ali 14.02.10 10:55

Picked up chocolate at Jaques Torres, drinks at Death & Co and dinner at my fav tapas place in the East Village, Ezukadi. And of course, sleeping in on Monday.

----- Jamie 14.02.10 10:32

I decided to see if my husband remembers Valentine’s Day on his own. 11 hours to go, and so far nothing. No worries. I guarantee i’ll be getting one heck of a President’s Day gift.

----- Anne 14.02.10 10:14

I’m giving my boyfriend an erotic cooking lesson. Here’s to hoping he actually learns to cook something. lol

----- M 14.02.10 09:35

Oh, ähm… I think we forgot it. The same procedure as every year:-)

----- Andrea 14.02.10 08:44

I’m taking my friend to see Valentine’s Day (the movie) and then out for Italian food.

----- Becky 14.02.10 07:32

You missed Mardi Gras!

I spent today visiting LA and tomorrow I’m going to the San Diego Zoo! I plan on seeing the pandas and eating chinese food at the same time to celebrate Chinese New Year haha.

----- Renee C 14.02.10 02:18

Going off to a nice restaurant, watching some Carnivale with the sweetheart, and discussing colors to paint the house.

----- Erazuu 14.02.10 00:56

Drink Starbucks and watch the airplanes at the airport.

----- James 14.02.10 00:14

I’m going to check the Jeff Aerosol exhibition in Brooklyn!!

----- Jorge 13.02.10 23:26

My tweet for ultimate mixtape song: http://twitter.com/mshahab/status/9088853994

----- Mariam 13.02.10 22:46

Dinner at home with classic Melrose place on dvd.

----- Dan F 13.02.10 22:32

Laying in bed with my newborn baby girl and wife. It doesn’t get better!


----- Aaron 13.02.10 21:16

I’m taking care of my hubby cause he’s sick. XOXO

----- Jen 13.02.10 19:59

I plan to redesign my portfolio website and also start on my friend’s website. She has been bugging me to get it done, and I guess that’s what the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Give love and get loved!

----- Erwin John Labra 13.02.10 19:32

Watching the olympics, than sunday going out with the boyfriend for dinner than back to his place to snuggle up play katamari and watch a movie.

laid back and fun

----- Danielle 13.02.10 19:11

I’m spending the weekend with my parents in Myrtle Beach. I don’t have much time left with them before I leave for college, so, I made an effort to be with them.

----- Collin Banko 13.02.10 19:03

My boyfriend and I will be dining out at table 17, then head back to his place and watch UP!

----- A. Nguyen 13.02.10 18:13

v-day weekend? psssssh. why would you ever want to go out to eat and drink on one of the busiest restaurant industry days of the year?

thats where i come in. my plans? im gonna make money off all you suckers by slinging drinks all night. thanks guys!

after that, ill come home to my wonderful chef boyfriend and we’ll kick back a few beers and watch something deliciously appropriate, like the shining.


----- christy lee 13.02.10 17:19

Going to write a girl I like, who’s been living in Korea, a long love letter. Then I’ll check if one of my friends wants to go see The Wolfman.

----- James Rutledge 13.02.10 15:55

My date plans on taking me somewhere unexpected during the day which will lead into a pillow fight extravaganza that congregates every year for Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of roses and special gifts. Dinner plans afterward. Followed by a nice hotel room reserved for the evening with bubble bath, mimosas and who knows what.

Should be good considering the weather is gorgeous this weekend in SF!!

----- M. Chu 13.02.10 15:20

I’m planning on going to some olympic games with my special one! (GO CANADA)
Then we’ll go back home and make a romantic dinner ;)

Edward Wong
From Vancouver, Canada!

----- Edward Wong 13.02.10 14:17

The lady and I are going to Buca and seeing the new Jeff Bridges movie. And then a lot of time will be spent in bed.

----- Nohn 13.02.10 14:14

Amazing this year on 14th February is Valentine and there is annual carnival called “Procka” in my home town in Prilep in Macedonia…. Should be a blast!! I must prepare for a very very long nights…. Chears!

----- cehka 13.02.10 13:34

Well, I wanted to do something this weekend , and then I got sick. So I’m sitting on the couch with my ( also sick ) husband and drinking hot chocolate spiked with bourbon and trying to feel better. Guess we’ll watch the Olympics…..

----- Kristen 13.02.10 13:31

Since I’m studying abroad at Oxford University in England, my housemates and I are going to get burgers at Jericho Tavern (where Radiohead had their first gig) and watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at the indie movie theater. It’s going to be really romantic!

----- Grace 13.02.10 13:08

I am going to treat myself to a massage, a long walk with my dog, T-Rex, and a choco cherry love blizzard!

----- Megan 13.02.10 12:46

watching wolfman tonight then all day horror movies with some friends for v day

----- Angelo 13.02.10 12:42

I’m single so I am just spending this weekend with friends. The plan: eat lunch at a wonderful Latin American restaurant, taking street-style pictures with my amateur photographer friend around the city, browse magazines at Barnes and Nobles, and go to the art museum. =) Valentine’s Day can be spent with friends you love, too.

----- Bijal 13.02.10 11:48

Starting with a new friend’s party, waking up and a lazy day with partygoers, ending with some video games and a plethora of pancakes! Why have just one valentine when you can be a group of valentines.

----- Mikey 13.02.10 10:22

Nothing says valentine’s weekend romance like the Los Angeles Street Food Festival, ’40s themed engagement photos with the beau in the Huntington Gardens and in front of the old Rialto, a Star Wars-themed valentine party (complete with Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bars - http://twitpic.com/12tdby) and Luscious Dumplings tomorrow morning to celebrate Chinese New Year! Not to mention a V-Day night at home with old movies and champagne…now, if only I could get those Olympic punk-rock fiddlers to follow us around all weekend…

----- Shannon 13.02.10 09:46

In the spirit of Valentine’s day; I will sit lovingly in front of my desk, and study for three engineering tests… All while hoping the answers are written on those teeny candy hearts.

----- Mikaela 13.02.10 09:38

Well my other half is abroad so i have been bombarding her with packages for the last week. so no plans other than buried under presents! but i did get her an engagment ring! from notcot favs alex and chloe. tried to make sure that even the standard roese and chocolates were done well. got a nice single rose about 5ft tall in a 4ft glass vase. got her a large chocolate heart from hotel chocolat in the box laced up like a corset. the rest of the week has been bombarding her with soaps and chocolates all in the shape of hearts. finally (phew!) another suprise package to arrive a week later with 3 different lingerie sets including a nice plane black lace set from triumph with waist chincher, more chocolate hearts. a solid silver heart with forever in it and some ceramic magnets with i love you written on it. phew thats a lot of typing. alreayd planning more for next year! thank god for student loans!

----- Jack 13.02.10 08:59

Evil Dead marathon + box of wine + sleeve of saltines = incomparable joy.

----- Cole 13.02.10 08:46

i´m gonna watch the newly rediscovered fassbinder science fiction movie “welt am draht” in teh retrofuturistic kino international in berlin this sunday.

----- jörg 13.02.10 08:43

My bf & I are renting a hotel room in which we will make a
fort & rent hotel porn

----- Jenny B 13.02.10 07:50

Im going to make a picknick for my wife(although looks like it might have to be on the living room floor if the rain keeps up.)

----- shean burcop 13.02.10 07:06

My wife and I will be going out to dinner at her favorite restuarant and then we are going to see a Ska band play. Should be an awesome night.

----- Jeremy 13.02.10 06:57

My boyfriend and I bought an all day experience from Surprise Industries. Needless to say, we don’t know what we’ll be doing - but I’m sure it will be fun!

----- Phoebe 13.02.10 05:48

My plans for the weekend are cooking a delicious meal for my husband and then relax at the beach to watch the sunset!

----- Camila Faria 13.02.10 04:37

It’s my friends 30th birthday so we’re getting all gussied up to dapper down over some miniture golf, followed by some serious go-kart racing, and topping off with a bucket of fried chicken from a fine dining restaurant

----- milkman 13.02.10 03:20

we will be trying to get away from the Valentine’s day processions and maybe stay inside because it is my birthday on the 14th and Valentine’s day is seriously getting in the way.

----- Alex M 13.02.10 03:14

I’ve a secret stash of heart candy stashed to entertain my boyfriend and I when we wake up followed by breakfast in bed. We’re then heading into the city for lunch and the movie Daybreakers. Back home for a “quiet” night in.

----- Annette 13.02.10 02:17

i am going outside in the cold and find the seeds of love… just like tears for fears say..

mmm in reality, i am going to venice (yes! i am italian!), find a nice place to eat and then walking among all the masked people (carnival, you know..) just to find the perfect spot where to look at the perfect moon refelcting itself on the water..

----- marieke 13.02.10 02:08

My Valentine’s weekend starts on Tuesday when you email me … I then call the man of my Valentine’s dream and we make sweet, sweet love to the tunes on my Mixtape USB Stick, whist gazing at his 3 Guns Vase and pressing our Silver Plated Love Heart Sweet between our palms… and until dawn, we SUCK UK.

----- Sara 13.02.10 02:07

I’m working all weekend (peril of working in the restaurant industry) while my boyfriend goes camping with his guys. I have next weekend off, so we’re locking ourselves at home and ordering in food.

----- Laura Putulowski 13.02.10 01:32

Taking my sweetie to the burlesque show at the Gladstone on Sunday!

----- Akemi 13.02.10 01:23

My boyfriend and I are volunteering to help deliver flowers this weekend. We really enjoy being a part of the happiness of other couples! After that, we will order Chinese and watch favorite episodes from Kids in the Hall, some movie we’ve seen a zillion times, or some TiVo’d Iron Chef. Then he will kick my ass in Boggle and I will school him in Scrabble. :)

----- Meg 13.02.10 01:00

I’m flying 2000 miles away from my partner to visit my grandpa and family. Not romantic, but very necessary.

----- Joe Wasserman 12.02.10 23:18

My plans for this weekend are to get some work done. haha. In terms of Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I are going to watch Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be cheese-tastic fun!

----- Victor C 12.02.10 23:05

Since my husband and I separated, I’ll be spending valentines with my three children. I’ll cook a nice dinner for them and we’ll watch a movie after. Nothing beats a day that you get to celebrate it with the ones that you love most.

----- Aida 12.02.10 22:10

Shall be a strange one. Packing, Moving, Partying, Sleeping, Romantic Breakfast, Birthday Party, Jealous that my birthday isn’t on Valentines Day, Possibly even a Bubble Bath.

----- Clay Fletcher 12.02.10 20:49

Pretty funny how this actually goes with the prize. My boyfriend is taking me to a concealed carry course and handgun shooting on Valentine’s Day. I’ve done shooting before so I won’t be hurting anyone.

----- Lara 12.02.10 20:17

I’m going to try out a red velvet pancake recipe (yes, you read that right) and then head out to the desert with my love; a week of clean air, romantic starlight and general rejuvenation.

Just got to finish the work on this job, pack the car, do some laundry and make a whirlwind grocery stop. ;-)

----- Lucia 12.02.10 20:16

I’m going to watch two of my best friends get married (with my boyfriend as plus one!)

----- Eileen 12.02.10 20:15

spend the morning in our undies, then go for coffee, get doll’d up and eat at the local Thai restaurant, then go home for dessert. :)

----- morganne 12.02.10 19:47

My girlfriend and I decided that we didnt want to celebrate Valentines this year, but I could tell that she actually did want to celebrate. So, im going to ask her to come on a hike with me and our dog and surprise her with a picnic with all of her favorite foods. I`ll get her flowers and make a card as well, but the picnic is the big surprise. Im excited!

----- Andrew Vicknair 12.02.10 19:44

My lesbian lover and I are planning an elaborate homemade brunch together. Then i’m off to my parent’s chinese new year party, to be asked by dozens of conservative Chinese family friends why I don’t have a boyfriend.

----- Sandy 12.02.10 19:40

We’re going low-key this weekend… trying a new recipe for steak (marinated in fresh citrus juice! yum) over salad, some champagne, and spending some well-earned quality time with each other (that may include a really competitive game of twister [we both cheat]).
Gifts have a $10 spending limit; for more creativity, and less pressure. We have the money to go out, but sometimes it seems like such a charade that we thought we’d mix it up.

----- Caitlin 12.02.10 19:27

The boy and I are going to the LA Street Food Fest on Sat. I can’t think of anything more romantic than a mac & cheese w/ pulled pork grilled cheese. Can you??

----- Morgan 12.02.10 19:17

Every Valentines day, I like to distribute a few secret love notes.
Generally I write these to people that are a part of my day, but I wouldn’t necessarily know their names.

This year’s recipients will include:
the unfortunate person whose parking spot I steal,
the pot bellied lab attendant who always bawls me out for eating in the computer lab,
and this guy in my class who practices making faces in the reflection of his laptop screen when he thinks no one is watching (it’s extra special when he gets his ears going!)

----- Rachael 12.02.10 18:48

Since I’m not in a relationship right now, I’ll spend this weekend to pamper myself. I will put on my best clothes, my best bonnet, stroll into town, have the best cake at the best café and in the evening I will treat myself to the best steak and the best bottle of champagne I can find. Hooray for loving one self - the best start to send out love to the rest of the world.

----- Maria 12.02.10 18:08

This valentines weekend I am going to spend it passing out inspirational notes, tied to roses, to people in the mall (practically anywhere I go), telling them they are loved. People need it now, its crazy how many people need a simple I love you. Thats what I am doinggg!

----- ALEJANDRA 12.02.10 17:46

Silkscreening palindrome t-shirts with my sweetie, just for us!

----- Rachel 12.02.10 17:15

This weekend, I’m going to a Shiva dance festival (the Hindu god)! And…studying for a couple midterms.

----- Libby 12.02.10 17:05

Make sandwiches and go to the park with my boyfriend. Take a nice walk and hopefully the weather will be nice.

----- Iris 12.02.10 17:01

Making a romantic lunch for my date; grilled cheese heart cut outs with home made tomato soup with fresh croutons

----- Lianna 12.02.10 16:58

I’m making red velvet cupcakes and pink heart-shaped marshmallows for my boyfriend and my family. Also celebrating my dad’s birthday which is the 14th!

----- Amber 12.02.10 16:37

A Single’s Self-Indulgent V-Day :

1. Begin the day determined NOT to get dressed.
2. Make myself a big sugary lumberjack breakfast.
3. Start drinking the expensive wine I bought myself around 1 pm.
4. Lounge.
5. Manage to buy myself flowers, chocolates, and unapologetically leave the wrappers all over the bedroom floor.
6. Scan Netflix for terrible 90’s horror movies.
7. Call for take out.
8. Fall asleep to that movie, preferably in a self-indulgent chocolate/liquor stupor.

#1 Rule: Don’t leave the house.

That would be my PERFECT V-day! Amy Sedaris approved.

----- Audrey 12.02.10 16:13

My girlfriend and I are going to have a nice quiet, romantic dinner…if the snow ever lets up!

----- Robert W 12.02.10 16:04

My girlfriend loves animals and fish especially so i called up a buddy of mine at the aquarium and we’re having dinner underneath one of the aquarium tube things that you can walk through. it will be spectacular and after i think we’ll have some champagne on the patio at my place. I’m so excited for her and I.

----- Emmett 12.02.10 15:58

so basically my birthday is on valentines day….and im sure you think that’s great…but no….not really…it kinda sucks. because no one can ever do anything for it do to the fact that their with their partner.
But today im watching the olympic opening ceremonies, tomorrow im going out to lunch with some friends, sunday im going out for lunch for my birthday with two of my best friends, monday im going out for dinner with my family :P :D hehe

----- Jonathan H Alfaro 12.02.10 15:50

Well.. I’m single at the moment so.. sulking.

----- Beatriz 12.02.10 15:46

snuggly iwth my boyfriend and our new kittens, might see a couple of movies, sleep in, and do some of the usual weekend things.

----- somerset 12.02.10 15:41

sadly i will be working to celebrate the weekend…

----- jennifer 12.02.10 15:34

Unfortunately this is the one weekend per year my honey has to work. (He’s a compensation director this is the weekend they figure out everyone’s bonuses.) While it’s sucks that he has to work all weekend, in the end it will be worth it!

He’s promised to be home by 6pm tomorrow so we can make our reservations at http://pappasbros.com. Crab mac and cheese here I come!

----- Dionne 12.02.10 15:34

i’m going to attempt to cook a chinese new year’s eve dinner for my family tomorrow so my mom doesn’t have to do any cooking.

----- Terri 12.02.10 15:30

Im going to celebrate frisndship. camping in to a virgin beach in michoacan Mexico, there of course we´r having a bonefire, fresh sea food, couple of beers, and great company.

----- Aida 12.02.10 15:25

Sadly, my boyfriend is heading to China to celebrate Chinese New Year, while I stay in cold WI. But the plans are to hang out with a friend who just ended a 5-yr relationship - going out for fabulous food and good music.

----- klaygenie 12.02.10 15:17

Watch the Opening Ceremonies, have a dinner at my favourite Italian Restaurant, maybe go climbing, and just generally hang out and enjoy the day.

----- Ben 12.02.10 15:13

I am going to eat cheese and watch glee, with my grandma

----- stacey 12.02.10 15:10

My boyfriend is a bush pilot in Alaska. He just moved back up there yesterday. I am heartbroken. This weekend I am heading to some hippie hot springs to get back to my roots. Free love?

----- Libby Smith 12.02.10 15:07

I am making him Valentine’s Day Conversation cookies, using his favorite sugar cookie recipe. The dogs are also getting that for Valentine’s Day. ;)

----- TOni 12.02.10 14:55

My boyfriend and I are getting away for a very NotCot-inspired weekend in San Francisco! We will stay at a hotel in union square and visit the Academy of Science, the SF Moma (among many other galleries!) and explore the pretty city! Goodbye for the weekend Los Angeles!

----- Drew 12.02.10 14:43

I have two auditions for graduate schools this weekend (i’m a flute player). no dozen roses for me….

----- Emma N. 12.02.10 14:41

Well, I was going to drive 12 hours from D.C. to visit my girlfriend but the blizzard has me completely grounded. She had made reservations at my favorite restaurant and even started a small kitchen fire when she blew-out her electric mixing bowl making me heart-shaped cookies. This is our first Valentine’s Day apart in four years and I feel so badly that everything has gone wrong for her…I cannot even get to the post office to mail her a card.

----- Matt 12.02.10 14:35

I’m going out to celebrate Chinese New Year in the city and then having a family dinner.

----- Suzi-an 12.02.10 14:33

ride my bike all over the city, listen to music, and draw a picture
these are my loves

----- jericho 12.02.10 14:27

hanging out with friends and making new ones at their “Saucy Sweet Valentine’s day party!” Everyone has to bring a romantic unisex anonymous gift! How great would one of the above been to bring??? ;)

----- Tracy 12.02.10 14:22

i gonna work all day long instead of staying in bed the whole day with my sweet love… but a lovely diner at the end of the day is waiting us :) sunday will be so loooooooooong for me

----- Lionel 12.02.10 14:14

I will be partying in Key West with a friend from Prague.

----- andrea 12.02.10 14:13

Since my significant so thoughtfully gave me a cold for the weekend, we shall forgo Mardi Gras and spend the weekend in bed…and probably not in the fun way.

----- Mallory 12.02.10 14:09

Unfortunately my girlfriend has been pretty sick the past few days so it doesnt look like we will be doing anything. We will even miss the LA street food fest :(. So Ive rented some sappy movies and bought lots of food so I can make some meals she can stomach.

----- DRalls 12.02.10 14:05

working schmerking. ;D

----- tracy 12.02.10 14:03

I’m staying at home and ordering takeout. Not leaving the comfort of my bed until Tuesday!

----- Xue 12.02.10 13:57

my boo and i are going to take advantage of our great city (brooklyn/nyc) and be tourists in our own town. museum hopping, picture taking, and bouncing from one neighborhood to the next - with a great dinner at rye (williamsburg) smacked in the middle.

----- nicolette mason 12.02.10 13:57

I’ll be working all weekend…

----- Katherine 12.02.10 13:56

My guy and I are going to make breaky together in the morning, go to a mediation session together, take our two dogs for a lovely walk in the, hopefully, nice sunshine. Then we’re going to an all you can eat extravaganza of super delicious Indian food followed by a movie, either at the movies or home. perfection.

----- kay 12.02.10 13:49

Get my girlfriend a single flower and remind her I love her. Her religion dictates that she doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but my belief in love transcends everything.

----- James 12.02.10 13:49

This weekend i’ll be sitting on the couch with the dog because my girlfriend is in scotland.

----- Jordan M 12.02.10 13:46

I plan to play cupid. I am not dressing up in the nappy or wings (maybe next year). I am taking a group of my single but perfectly matched friends to dinner under the guise of an anti Valentine dinner while unbeknown to them I will fire my pink love tipped arrows. Let romance commence.

----- katy 12.02.10 13:46

I’m going to eat lots of cupcakes from my favorite Chicago bakeries, make a nice dinner and watch Blue Velvet.

----- Desiree 12.02.10 13:43

I plan on a long night on the town with a big-bottom girl: a bottle of Maker’s Mark.

----- Michael Critz 12.02.10 13:43

My girl put me on a v-day budget because we’re condo hunting so I told her we’re just going out to dinner to an exclusive restaurant. What she doesn’t know is that it’s in my basement and I’m cooking! Pool table + linens + white lights + roses = instant romantic makeover! Now if only I had a vase for my roses or a USB for my romantic music…..

----- Corey Lane 12.02.10 13:41

This weekend I’m working! Any Valentine’s fun is going to have to happen later.

----- Meghan 12.02.10 13:38

My plans for this weekend are as follows:
Make breakfast for my hunny and our bebes.
Hang out all day watching Yo Gabba Gabba and/or Baby Einstein.
Split from the bebes ‘round supper time.
Take my lovely pregnant wife to wherever pleases her for food and drink.
Dance in the moonlight.
In bed by 10 - LOL.

I got nothin Sunday.

Dont know if its a winner or not - but its as honest as can be!

----- Ted Koszuta 12.02.10 13:38

me and my husband are going to KFC for a romantic dinner with the coupon we got from the mail.

----- wenny 12.02.10 13:34

My best friend and I are going to Disneyland to eat a churro and people watch… we’re going to try hard not to make fun of love birds wearing matching T-shirts, but we make no promises :D

----- Adri 12.02.10 13:31

Braving the most snow north Texas has seen in decades to spend Chinese New Year with my family in Houston. It’s a 4 hour drive through treacherous icy roads this Texas girl rarely sees, but I’ve got the boy and the puppies with me. If we go down, it will be in honor of love and valentines day, so I do believe I have all my bases covered. Goooooooo Presidents!

----- Amelia 12.02.10 13:31

I’ll be celebrating the Olympics in Vancouver! There are tons of parties and events going on.

----- Adrien 12.02.10 13:30

My wife and I are going to cook at home and kick back with a Netflix Instant movie since spending money when we’re about to purchase a house is what we’re trying to avoid. :)

----- Brian B 12.02.10 13:26

Going to be watching the Olympics, eating hot pot with friends, and dining at home with the wifey.

----- edgar 12.02.10 13:25

My plans for the weekend include hoping the power comes back on, dealing with felled trees (thanks for that snowstorm) and hopefully sketching out a ton of logo thumbnails for a school project.

----- jeremy 12.02.10 13:23

Thanks Notcot! I’m headed to the VD movie tonight, cooking a big dinner on Saturday and then heading to happy-hour sushi on Sun—all with someone who is too special for words. Honestly, not a great big VD guy, but this year I can’t wait.

----- jc_losangeles 12.02.10 13:21

My only Valentine’s plans are to eat Burger Lounge {san diego} with my friend and co-worker Monique. We’ll probably split a red velvet cupcake in honor of V-day

----- Bekka 12.02.10 13:20

What with the crazyness of Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and the Olympics in my city this weekend, I’m escaping with my boyfriend to Seattle. Nothing says romantic like gaining 10lbs from cheesecake, right?

----- Martine 12.02.10 13:20

Eat Brazilian food and see a movie with my family.

----- greg 12.02.10 13:20

I am taking my girlfriend to go and see Cirque du Soleil - Alegria

----- Emmanuel 12.02.10 13:19

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