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W+K Old Spice Making Of…- 02.18.10

“I’m on a horse.” Hahaha. Ok, i’m sorry, i’ve been watching this one over and over for days and sharing it with people and it just cracks me up every time. So just in case you haven’t already seen the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ad… watch it above. If you have? Watch it again!

Now even more fascinating, i love the interview embedded after the jump where “Leo Laporte interviews Craig Allen and Eric Kallman of Wieden + Kennedy to find out how Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was made.” ~ And it just gets MORE amazing. They did it in practically one shot on a 3 day shoot… building half a boat on the beach at the waters edge ~ having a shower set that gets crane lifted away ~ and as he sits down on a mechanism that rolls him onto a real horse! The only CG stuff ~ they painted out the device… and they superimposed the overflowing diamonds that were coming out of a fake hand…

p.s. you can even find the actor, Isaiah Mustafa, on twitter and imdb.

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THANKS NOTCOT YOU’VE MADE MY DAY!!! hahahahhaha this is the best ad i’ve seen in ages. I can’t stop giggling. Your sense of humor very accurately mirrors mine

----- Jess 22.02.10 01:45

This commercial is hilarious!! Weiden + Kennedy comes up with the most creative ad campaigns. The guys that bring you Nike short films and commercials never cease to amaze me.

----- Peezo 20.02.10 15:12

Oh i love it! I did wonder how they did it, good to know! thanks Jean!

----- Fonda LaShay 19.02.10 03:42

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