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Android Toys- 03.22.10

android0.jpg Andrew Bell’s DYZPLASTIC Android toys are finally here, and i’m a little obsessed. They are ADORABLE. And oh so detailed in all the right ways… and that glow in the dark radioactive one… just stunning. And how some have arm tattoos… or cufflinks… or tramp stamps… or awesome logos… and swirls in the eyes… you really must see them all! Also as much as i can’t stand blind box toys conceptually, i do adore that 5 year old feeling of joy when you sit and tear through a case of little boxes and their foil wrapped innards. Take a peek at all their close ups on the next page! Including two of the secret chase characters!

p.s. as i play with these, i can’t help but wonder, why don’t more OS’ have awesome little mascots?

p.p.s. Soooo, it sounds like demand has FAR exceeded expectations ~ which is awesome! Unfortunately that means these little guys are hard to get your hands on. However, Andy wanted me to assure you that there will be more Series 1 available this summer ~ which really is just a blink away… so sit tight, and/or grab some when you see them!



















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6 Notes

Hi man, where can i buy this set of collectible? please tell me and for how much?

----- Shushobhan 12.03.12 13:00

I was just wondering when or if you were going to make any more of these android guys.. I would really like to buy a few… thanks in advance and your time.


----- michael 11.08.10 07:28

probably the cutest and best things in the world! I only have Creature and High-Voltage right now but they’re my babies!

----- Marissa Vivian 07.06.10 14:56

I want just ONE of these so bad, but I can’t afford the ‘bay prices! Why are these things never produced beyond a single run?!

----- Chaffro 22.03.10 12:27

Ooooh, you should hack the glow in the dark Android with an internal bright white LED for lamp free charging :D

----- Colin 22.03.10 11:59

Thanks for the coverage! These are basically impossible to find at the moment, but there will be more available this summer so patience will pay off!

----- Andrew Bell 22.03.10 11:59

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