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Inside the Flames- 03.20.10

random1.jpg On random saturday night inspiration ~ while hanging out at a friend’s i got mesmerized by the way the wicks were burning… and the crystal clear reflections of them in the melted wax… and then i couldn’t help taking a bunch of pics!




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I am loving these incredible photos of the flame. Someone is really skilled at taking great photos. ;)

----- Marcia 24.03.10 16:39

You know, I’ve been coming here for quite a while now and this post actually pushed me to comment. I absolutely love everything about notcot, and these pics of the flames are just inspiring. I’ve also been mesmerized by those little mushroom like formations the wicks make while burning, and stare. Unfortunately I generally don’t have the sense to grab a camera to record those little boogers. I will now though, good work. Keep up the greatness, I will be back, often.

----- Scott 22.03.10 17:01

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