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Milan April 2010 - Suggestions?- 03.24.10

milan.jpg Heading off to Milan tomorrow… well… via a few weeks in asia and a quick stop in Stuttgart… but i’ll be in Milan April 8-19!!! And i can’t be giddier. It’s hard to believe the last time i was in Milan was when i was living there for a little over a year doing grad school… all pre-NOTCOT (the sites, the name was used on lots of random stuff for years before!)… so FINALLY, making it back for the salone, and to go see some of the old spots… but, that being said, its been 5 years!

SO! If you’re in Milan, or have some awesome recommendations, i’d love any ideas on what not to miss ~ people to meet up with ~ events at the Salone to check out ~ and more!

p.s. that image above? i found my old huge map of Italy… i totally forgot i used to highlight all the cities and towns i’d visited… so many left to see! Maybe if there’s time i ought to pop out and explore a bit more too!

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Forget the rest of these comments and just pick up an Interni guide for the annual furniture festival when you are there. Must see’s are Zona Tortona, Established and Sons, Droog, Designers Block, BarberOsgerby & Sony, the main fair and Swarovski. All addresses, private view times can be found in the Interni. Have fun, see you there.

----- Louisa 12.04.10 05:17

don’t miss luini’s panzerotti, best in milan:

----- j 08.04.10 19:16

Don’t miss the Mini Golf from the guys of La Bolleur. Via Voghera 11.

----- Bram Burger 28.03.10 13:50

Judging by the highlighter, it looks like you visited a few towns on Lake Como, but if you haven’t visited Varenna, it is a MUST. If you don’t mind a little hike, the castle (accessible from Varenna) gives you one of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. Do this on a nice day and you won’t be disappointed.

----- A.C. 27.03.10 13:58

ciao,i m going to milan the same period as well!thank you for arising this topic!really helpfull.
cu in milan!

----- Christina 25.03.10 16:33

You MUST come to Torino. It’s a city plenty of cool new things…still moving! Anyway, we’ll have a trip to Salone too!
Fell free to contact us if you need some help, we’d like to meet you XD

----- Paolo & Serena 25.03.10 13:12

come back to cremona and be my guest!!!

----- giovanni 25.03.10 09:07

i guess that if you are interested into design you can’t miss the Bovisa area, here the website, there are plenty of exhibitions and vivid atmosphere! http://www.triennale.it/index.php?lang=_eng
If you are interested in moving around Milan area, you can have a visit to Turin too, in the latter years the city changed a lot, I live here and it offers now a lot! have a look http://www.triennale.it/index.php?lang=_eng
and if you need a personal guide… I can show you interesting places here!

----- Fabio Rosa 25.03.10 03:36

How can you possibly be happy to be in Milan? I can’t stand it LOL

Anyway, go to the Lake Region because it’s wonderful!

----- Rosanna 24.03.10 20:02

Corso Como is always a must

----- Justin 24.03.10 17:26

Wow! So jealous!! Can’t wait to see those amazing pics from old Milan :)Fuori Salone is the best, please take some pics of the showrooms in Brera =P…Hope it is not too rainy.

----- Leo 24.03.10 15:32

You have to go and see the recently completed “Bocconi”, Irish architects Grafton won world building of the year last year for the project. http://www.graftonarchitects.ie/work/projects/project.php?project_category=Learning&resource_id=225

----- Jenny Kingston 24.03.10 11:26

Hi there!

Leave the grey Milan for a day and go visit Maggiore and Orta Lake, or trek into the Piedmont Wineyards (http://www.winetrekking.it/en) !
Good Vibes!


----- The Rocksuckers 24.03.10 07:29

Steve McCurry’s exhibit was really great! Unfortunately it ended on 21th March…
Also Roy Lichtenstein’s exhibition is great and it lasts till the end of May.
If you want to eat something good and taste a really Milan or - more in general - Lombardy cuisine you can try this very crazy inn: Osteria alla Grande (http://www.osteriaallagrande.com/).
They are a little bit crazy and very nice, the place is a “must” because there is plenty of old phone, nameplates, tags etc and their dishes are good and really like the old ones.
But you have to speak italian (or have an italian speaking person with you) because those guys don’t speak English for sure :-)
If you like FuoriSalone, you can have a look at these websites too:

Have a nice stay!

----- Maurizio Piacenza 24.03.10 07:04

definitely como… cinque terra is also amazing this time of year.

----- joel 24.03.10 06:26

Freshome.com could also be in Milan, not sure yet, but I’d love to meet.

----- Mihai @ Freshome.com 24.03.10 05:21

There will be plenty of apps for iPhone, printed guides (we make one here at Abitare, but other magazine will do the same), tips from friends, phone-calls so as to become crazy with too many things to go and see around (for instance 13th at night, there seems to be a party by Dezeen, Pin-Up magazine is said to prepare another one, DAM magazine also traditionally throws pretty good ones). So, my only advice is to take some time off to escape from all the Salone’s craze and discover some quieter parts of the city. The Museo Poldi Pezzoli for me is a tiny gem. And if you have time, just after the Salone ends, plan yourself a trip somewhere out of the city.

----- Fabrizio Gallanti 24.03.10 04:58

The Steve McCurry exhibit near the Duomo was great as well, not sure if it’ll still be around in April though.. :( Milan is definitely a great city to be studying in, i’m sure that whatever you do you’ll have a great time just being back here!

----- Jess 24.03.10 04:40

Don’t miss the Roy Lichtenstein’s exhibition, it was great! and the studio of Achille Castiglioni! :)
and have a nice trip, this town is awesome.

----- Yoland 24.03.10 00:27

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