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Moncler: The Comic and more- 03.04.10

moncler0.jpg On fun mysterious packages that just arrived ~ i got a text at around 3am while i was in london from NY, asking what size i was… followed by “black or white?”… i was so asleep, but have a tendency to sleep text back… and as i got back to LA, this glossy black super cozy Moncler Clairy arrived too! After much discussion the last few days, it seems that my friend and i have agreed that i must have somehow tuned out the snowy side of fashion, because i certainly didn’t know much about the brand, yet as i delved deeper into the history it was all too familiar… LOVE their retro skiing pics! I’ve never been into the puffy jacket thing, but this is definitely the warmest sleekest puffy jacket option i’ve run into… maybe i’m ready for some play time in the snow now!

Most important thing however is… how did i never know that these guys have a full on COMIC inside their jackets with a bilingual duck giving you washing instructions? And they also had Bruce Weber do the most adorable photoshoot for their recent ad campaign, including his golden retrievers decked out in custom Moncler jackets and self portraits of himself covered in cameras curled up in bed… Take a peek at the playful details on the next page!







On noteworthy details ~ love that there’s a little pocket to stuff the tags into instead of cutting them off… moncler4.jpg


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Their campaigns might be interesting, the brand image is ruined for me. Just worn by the wrong types. I’ve just returned from a half-year stay in Milan and these over-priced jackets were worn as a fashion statement by maffia look-a-likes.

No thank you!

----- Jeroen 10.03.10 15:25

That comic strip is an awesome design detail! I live in a snowy climate now, so I was saving for a Moncler jacket…then found out I was moving to LA - the jackets are so cute though that I’m just going to keep saving, LOL!

----- Sheree 08.03.10 12:26

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