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Moon + Clouds + Sulawesi- 03.29.10

kbrclouds1.jpg I’m having one of those, sensory overload, exhausted yet giddy moments… sometimes we all need to step pretty far out of our daily lives to simultaneously reset, reflect, and find inspiration in the unexpected. For the next 5 days, i’m hiding out in the Lembeh Strait of Sulawesi, Indonesia… and they have awesome wifi, so when i’m not drop dead tired or diving exploring all the creatures around… the regularly scheduled content may be coming on vacation with me! So today was a morning flight to Manado from Singapore, followed by a 1.5 hour van ride through Bitung out to the dive spot, and now i’m curled up in my adorable cottage at Kungkungan Bay Resort. Certainly quite the contrast to the design overload i’m looking forward to in Milan in a few weeks! Although i thought about crashing after the day of travel, when i stared out at the possibly full moon with the intense clouds over the ocean… i couldn’t help taking a few pics, and i’m so in love with the view, i had to share them with you before i got some sleep! Isn’t it amazing how the palm trees and clouds look in the moonlight? See a few more pics of the night… some of the view on the flight in… and another random pic or too…

For the whole Kungkungan Bay Resort Lembeh Strait dive-cation series - [First look at creatures!] [Wonderpus vs Mimic Octopus] [Frogfish, Nudibranchs, and more creatures!]






Here’s the spa and pool… it was just glistening so beautifully in the moonlight as i walked by! And there’s endless jungle directly behind it… kbrclouds6.jpg

Sadly it was a bit hazey out today… but here are a few fun shots on the flight over… 1manadoflight1.jpg



At dinner i couldn’t help staring up at the half a dozen or so geckos fighting it out inside and around the lamp above me… so here’s one that managed to scare off a few of the others i’d hoped to get in this shot! (if you look closely you may see two of the others actually inside the lamp with it!) gecko.jpg

And with that ~ i’m off to sleep… in this super cute bed! kbrbed.jpg

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6 Notes

Stunning photos. I love those palm trees, you can just feel the tropics. Thanks

----- Seb 18.08.10 20:40

for 2nd visited to sulawesi u must go to Wakatobi, nice view from under the sea, it’s like Bunaken but more nature

----- jumei 04.04.10 19:51

how did you get those night shots? FANTASTIC PHOTOS.

----- radhika 30.03.10 23:43

hi you..salam from indonesia!
glad you had a great time in sulawesi :)

----- della 29.03.10 19:35

Ah, those moonlit shots are lovely, Jean. That place looks positively enchanting.

----- Jim Thoburn 29.03.10 16:37

Looks like paradise. I’m jealous.

----- Jaime 29.03.10 09:38

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