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Sainty + David Whittle at rp& (of RPA)- 03.19.10

rpaart0.jpg Had the pleasure of visiting ad agency, RPA, to see a friend today ~ and amidst the creative spaces, and many pics i couldn’t resist taking, firstly, i have to share their murals in the Acura team’s office that have inspired me to want to take a sharpie to my white walls… Jump over to the next page to see how beautiful these murals by Sainty and David Whittle are on the next page!!! Apparently they made these murals in the rp& offices (a division of RPA) while working with them on the insane Acura RDX advertisement where they spent 10 days on 1 wall with 17 painters and used 455 gallons of paint… to make a hand painted 30 second animated spot. WOW. So check out the close ups of the murals, as well as the actual ad spot and the making of! Beautiful stuff!

p.s. love that they are rp& ~ part of me wishes they were secretly behind The Ampersand blog! Or at least ON it more!








Made me giggle ~ got to love random art that pops up ~ close up of that masking tape line to the office door in the other pics… rpaart8.jpg

The Acura RDX Ad…

The Making Of! Blows my mind how much paint and patience these guys must have had…

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This is really inspirational. Exactly what I want to do. =) Thanks for posting.

----- Melodykid 25.03.10 11:40

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