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Vintage Cocktail Glass Set- 03.27.10

glasses4.jpg Currently in Singapore, taking care of a few family matters ~ so i’m supposed to be semi-on-vacation, but that never works so well! Something or other always seems to get me too excited not to share with you! While taking a peek at some of my grandparents treasures, i came across these awesome sets of vintage glasses ~ two sets, each with 6 little glasses and 1 larger tumbler… and they have the cutest illustrations and classic cocktail recipes on them! With men in top hats wearing sandwich boards, you can see the recipes for Stingers, Manhattans, Sidecars, Whiskey Sours, Martinis, and Daquiris! Take a peek at the close ups of the illustrations and recipes on the next page!







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Wao!…I love your article because I am so in love with all my grandparents old vintage glasses that when I see something like this it brings me back all the good memories. I am trying to buy in the internet but every time I see something I like it has been sold allready. Anyway, cheers for your treasures!!

----- dbennettgardens@yahoo.com 11.10.11 10:54

I think these are lovely. Where can I get them?

----- Jean 29.03.10 06:46

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