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Casamania “BEK” table + “BLOOM” bookshelf- 04.19.10

casamania1.jpg On standouts at the Fiera this year ~ the green and wood combination pulled me right in. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti for CASAMANIA, the BEK is a small but eye catching table. It looks like an excellent option to live underneath my Droog parasol. The main feature of this table is concentrated it is leg, composed of two identical metal elements: the combination of these two halves creates a unique object, perfectly adapted to be mounted between the table and its base. The series, including the BEK chair, were designed in 2009 but now for 2010 they are available in this new shade of green that looks super nice combined with natural wood. Additionally the matching BLOOM bookshelf is adorable as well! See images and more info of both on the next page!




casamania3.jpg Awesome how modular the system is…


Simple, with understated elegance and functionality, the BLOOM bookshelf’s inspiration comes directly from the natural world, in particular the idea of the ‘bud’ which allows Bloom to blossom forth - grow and multiply.


The theme of simplicity is exemplified by the scarcity of structural elements in the piece: the vertical lines, the weight bearing ‘buds’ and the shelves themselves. This year the BLOOM’s frame is available in that cool green, white and black (black looks amazing in the brochure btw). The materials used are ecologically sustainable, aluminium that is 100% recyclable. The Teak used in the creation of bloom, is certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and comes from Floresteca, the largest private foresting enterprise in Teak Wood.

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