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Bompas & Parr’s Campari Gas- 04.13.10

camparigas1.jpg Wow. The Jellymongers, Bompas & Parr (If they sound familiar to you, maybe you remember some of their culinary artistry on NOTCOT.org ~ from glow in the dark jelly, to jelly architecture ~ to giant punch bowl parties!) surprised me with an email saying:

If you are in Milan, we are doing the opening party on Tuesday night at the Villa Realle with Fergus Henderson. We are doing aperitivo three ways 1. Straight drink 2. Solid form - alcoholic jellies moulded like italian design classics 3. Gas - a vast breathable cloud of Campari. It is going to rock.

And then suddenly i HAD to make sure no matter what happened with all the other events tonight, that i ended up over at Tutti a Tavola’s opening party, because “a vast breathable cloud of Campari”! SO, unfortunately i made it over too late to partake in the aperitivo with jello shots molded into espresso glasses, espresso makers and campari bottles… but i did get to play in a gas chamber of Campari goodness, twice! It’s an incredible sensation you certainly have to try at least once! Also, it makes for some really cool dramatically creepy pictures… only thing that would have topped it off? Having ingo maurer’s campari lamp suspended in the center of the gas chamber. See the fun pics on the next page!



the entrance ~ you in one side… and pass through to the other… camparigas4.jpg

The boys Bompas & Parr (and Leo! Of Hero Design Lab) in the mist… camparigas5.jpg

It looks like these were pumping out the Campari gas goodness… camparigas6.jpg

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FYI: Martí Guixe, Gin and Tonic Fog Party, 2004.

----- Namdnal Siroj 20.04.10 04:05

Im sorry i missed them but i just love their stuff………..

----- steve berger 19.04.10 09:23

I am so excited you finally got to experience the madness of Sam & Harry in person :-)

----- Miss Cakehead 15.04.10 12:27

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