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Ele Funnel by Qualy Design- 04.19.10

elefunnel1.jpg On adorable irresistible impulse buys ~ i’m totally carrying this Ele Funnel back in my luggage. Thai Qualy Design, had the most adorable (and adorably packaged) Ele Funnel! The graphics are great, the plastic feels so nice in your hand… you can even hang it on the wall… see lots of pics unboxing it on the next page!









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4 Notes

So cute!

----- Kristen 10.05.10 12:08

@smitty: It really does seem like it!

----- David 20.04.10 09:11

Where can we get one in the U.S.? This is fantastic!

----- Adam 19.04.10 13:55

Is this one of those things that let women use urinals?

----- Smitty 19.04.10 08:20

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