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German Spinning Tops - Kreisel- 04.12.10

germantops1.jpg While in Stuttgart, i had a field day going to toy stores! Germans seem to have far more fun toys ~ particularly wooden ones and i adore their amazing puzzles and stunning miniatures! After falling for the bowl of Japanese Wooden Tops (which i can’t seem to give any away so far, they live on my table and are far too fun!) ~ i think a fascination with unique tops is growing! Quickly! So when i encountered 1000 Schoen in Stuttgart, it was hard to resist buying up the pile you see above! The incredible wooden ones are made by Mader Kreiselmanufaktur, and their site even shows them being made by hand! Absolutely fascinating! The other type i fell in love with are these metal and metal/wooden tops that initially look like gears! For the wooden ones with metal tips and a bent metal rod included, you basically insert the rod into two holes in the top, twist to wind it up, and when you let go, the tension gives you incredible spin! The flowery gear you hold between two fingers and blow to get it spinning super fast, and drop it and watch it go! The man at the store mentioned it’s great to use a straw to keep blowing on it to keep it spinning. Take a peek to see them all close up on the next page, as well as a video of some in action!


These were irresistible ~ there were quite a few different ones in tiny corked glass jars ~ you can only imagine how hard it was to pick 2! germantops3.jpg


This is the one you blow to get going and can use a straw to KEEP it going… without help right now, its a bit hard to make a video! But perhaps one to come when i get home… germantops5.jpg

Functionally these were the most fascinating to me ~ i had already paid for my tops, then he showed me how these worked, and i had to add two… germantops6.jpg

Here’s a video of how they work!

Simpler, more traditional ones, they were still fun to add to the mix! germantops7.jpg

Here’s a peek at the adorable site of 1000 Schoen: 1000schoen.jpg

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2 Notes

I’m interested in the top that is fifth picture down (with two pointed ends). Can you tell me how I can purchase this? Thanks so much. Gale

----- Gale Lee 19.03.13 09:13


I love those spinning tops…is there any way for me to purchase them online? I really want them as gift to my boy friend and it would be such a perfect gift!

----- Hannah 12.04.10 07:16

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