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dasfreitag1.jpgThis post is a sponsored series that takes a fun peek at the gorgeous details of modern life. The irresistible design details that enhance our lives… Gillette is the sponsor… but, as always, the post and ideas are 100% NOTCOT

I’m loving all of these more luxurious Freitag bags, fun to see them evolving and growing up so much from when i first became obsessed with them in high school… With a title like: DAS MAGAZIN X FREITAG - A FREITAG BAG LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN. ~ how can one not be intrigued? R099 WYSS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WORK WITH PENS AND NOTEBOOKS. ~ Apparently its for people like us! If you interpret notebook to mean not only paper notebooks but digital ones as well… Their inspiration? “Laure Wyss was the journalist that founded one of Switzerland’s first (and best) weekly supplements, «DAS MAGAZIN» in 1970. And the new R099 is called WYSS because it was a journalist from «DAS MAGAZIN» who approached FREITAG asking for a special bag to meet his demands. The result is the «DAS MAGAZIN» special edition. A bag like you’ve never seen one by FREITAG. Made from vintage, unicolored truck tarpoulins, toting metal buckles and a totally new, antiquated appeal.” The design of the bag has evolved the recycled materials to no longer be the focal point of the design, so much as another material being used in a stunningly detailed bag, with metal buckles and a vintage inspired design ~ that will soften and age beautifully with use… see more pics of the new design on the next page!







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