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Nike Golf Oven - Testing- 05.28.10

nikegolfmain.jpg Nike Golf’s R&D Facilities, The Oven, in Fort Worth, Texas are a little golfing haven all on their own (far from the Beaverton, OR Nike HQ!) ~ Amazing to hear the stories all of yesterday about how Nike has broken into the more traditional golf industry moving from apparel and footwear to balls and most recently to clubs the last decade… and their shift into clubs didn’t start from scratch, they acquired the 5 man team of IMPACT, lead by Tom Stites ~ an impressive golf focused engineering team with years of experience working with top brands and athletes… and they let them continue doing their thing in Fort Worth! Now here’s the part that i found most fascinating at the facilities ~ their testing space is essentially like an indoor putting green equivalent to a 6+ car garage, and on a nice day, you just open the three large garage door/windows and instant driving range clear out into their own short course complete with water features! What i’m hearing from all of the golf fanatics on the trip is that Nike takes a very technologically focused approach to product development and are one of the most daring with visually innovative designs in contrast to the traditional companies… so when it comes to testing, no wonder their set ups are fascinating! Between endless heads and shafts to mix and match in this one room ~ you have an incubator (a fridge FILLED with golf balls), walls of premade clubs to test, the robotic golfer, and a putting lab. More to come on the putting lab next, but first take a peek at the testing facilities on the next page!
















Just for fun, had to share this full fridge pic with you… isn’t it mind blowing? that’s a LOT of balls… and all at the perfect temperature for launching… nikegolf14.jpg

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I am needing to do some testing on a Trackman devise. The current record was measured on this devise. Question is do you use Trackman.

I am Caddie Master with Caddie Club Golf and assistant golf professional at Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington, Texas hits a 14ft, 2.5in driver to 144 yards, unofficially breaking the current world record for the longest usable golf club. My application to be officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records is currently pending and an officially sanctioned attempt will take place in September 2013.

Thanks for any help you can provide
214 773 7899

----- Michael Furrh 01.12.12 22:20

Even better! Well if that crew makes it downtown for drinks I’d recommend GRACE for their expansive, beautiful bar and their cocktail menu. I like the current off menu favorite Lavender Lemonade.

Or Scat Jazz Lounge for a Chicago vibe. I’m sure someone can point the way, but you’ll have to take the alley to the back elevator, head towards the basement, and have the doors open up to this secret music spot.

----- Victor 29.05.10 11:04

Victor - too funny you should say that! Tim Love actually catered our dinner at the Oven! deliciousness!

----- jean/NOTCOT 29.05.10 05:47

Quite a few Fort Worth folks don’t even know that happens here.

Make sure you check out Tim Love’s Love Shack and their burgers on that side of town. Great flavor from his brisket/tenderloin mix, and the quail egg on top is just bonus.

And if you want an eclectic place for a glass of wine and a cigar you have to hit up Pop’s Safari Lounge. He’s decorated it with items from all his prior travels working for PBS.

----- Victor 28.05.10 11:45

Do not overlook the fact that the ball fridge is equally suited to preserving a half-drunk Sonic treat.

----- Dusty 28.05.10 10:06

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