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SWARM for Council by Mike and Maaike- 05.12.10

mm1.jpg Got to love a good room divider, and often they are not nearly as fun as they should be! Enter ~ SWARM for Council by Mike and Maaike! In playful, happy colors with a chaotically orderly pattern… and apparently there is even a large installation of it outside the ICFF Theater! “Swarm is a space divider that offers great flexibility in density and scale, enabling the creation of light-filled, intimate spaces within open environments. The term Swarm describes an aggregation of animals (insects, fish, birds and microorganisms) of similar size and body orientation, generally cruising in the same direction. The Swarm space divider displays a similar behavior, softening spaces, fading in and out, creating texture and motion. The self-standing units blend together when arranged in groups.” See more pics on the next page!





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Sometimes the function of the object is to create emotion, I don’t think we should forget about that. Interiors devoid of emotion (specially those with people actually working and living in them) can be as bad as improper weatherproofing. If nice materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques are used in the “sculpture” then all the better!

----- D'Zorro 12.05.10 15:42

this kind of seems more like a sculpture trying to pass as furniture. Sure, room dividers aren’t always opaque or soundproof but this kind of defeats the purpose entirely except to force you to walk around it.

Another example I suppose how post modernism occasionally ignores function entirely these days.

----- Devin 12.05.10 12:47

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