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Best Made Co Axe Sling- 06.15.10

axeit1.jpg Firstly, i’m a little confused/amazed i found out about the new Best Made Co Axe Sling on Gilt Groupe first. (Amazingly cool that Gilt Groupe even sells axes now though!) Secondly, Best Made Co AXE SLING! I never knew i needed/lusted/craved an axe in my life till Best Made Co started taunting me… they are just so beautiful! With the colored handles, and the stunning wood boxes they come in. And now they’ve taken it one step further, with the Axe Sling which… dare i say it… makes the Axe the new manly accessory du jour? This is not the axe of the axe murderer cliches of the past… perhaps it’s time for a new Axe wielding super hero ~ he walks into a bar ~ throws off his long black trench dramatically… only to turn and pull out an… AXE? How Paul Bunyan… Take a peek at the details on the next page…



And here’s a peek at the MINI Axes…


And the full sized axes, in the wooden boxes!


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There IS a superhero who uses an axe: Axe Cop! http://axecop.com/ Pretty zany stuff.

----- Retardo 19.06.10 10:53

Axe wielding super hero you say? Look no further: http://axecop.com/ Enjoy!

----- Knut 16.06.10 03:51

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