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Fishs Eddy- 06.06.10

fishseddy1.jpg On one of my favorite endlessly fascinating stops in NYC - Fishs Eddy ~ here are a few pics from the last time i was there! Warning: While much of what is available in store is online, SO much more is in store! From random overstocks, vintage plates/etc they find, crazy sales… there’s lots of goodies in store that are different each time i pop in. And always so much temptation! Last time i was there, they mentioned that you don’t have to worry about trying to pack it all home too, you can pick whatever you want in store and they are all set up to pack it up and ship it home for you… will definitely have to stop by again when i’m in NY this week! See more pics on the next page…

p.s. those crazy “glove molds” are available online, but how stunning is the display?!?!










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Love Fishs Eddy!! And you have posted some great shots! Check out a few of my pictures from a recent visit: http://yolkworks.com/2010/11/the-whimsical-fishs-eddy/

----- Tigist 03.12.10 14:01

i love fishs eddy, used to prop style, and collected so many dishes from there for food shoots. don’t live in NY now…your photos are great! glad to come across them.

----- michelle 23.11.10 21:41

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