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Lurisia Water Glass Bottle- 06.28.10

water.jpg On random packaging obsessions ~ stumbled across these special italian Lurisia Water Glass Bottles while at an ICFF event in NY and was mesmerized! Apparently redesigned back in 2008 ~ “This project combined forces of the creative design agency Sottsass Associati, the experts in industrial design from Fratelli Guzziniand, finally, Saint-Gobain Glass, the world leader in glass manufacturing,” says PopSop. And it won a beverage innovation award in 2009! How have i never seen these before?!?! Apparently their water is supposed to have quite a cult following? And they have spa’s in italy as well… And as cool as these lighthouse lantern like bottles are… the vintage logo of the lighthouse keeper is adorable as well! Take a peek at more images on the next page!







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It’s a very nice bottle!
I am Italian and I’ve never seen this bottle anywhere, probably is for the export-market only. In my town we can find the plastic version in the automatic vending machines… but I’d love to have the glass one! :D

DAWNE, Here is the list of the international resellers:

----- pippilu' 02.07.10 07:31

They’re gorgeous! Is there any way i can get these beautiful bottles to Singapore?

----- dawne 28.06.10 17:57

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