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Moleskine Kindle Cover- 06.15.10

moleskine_kindle_amazon-07.jpg Moleskine officially gets into the gadget case game with its Moleskine Kindle Cover~ It’s about time. For every gadget that involves reading that comes out, there’s always a moleskine styled case right behind it (think ipad, iphone, kindle, etc.) Interesting choice that they started with the Kindle… fun that they added a notebook in there to doodle alongside of the screen… They are touting it as a Digital-Analog Hybrid ~ and explain on their blog that they were even inspired by the “hackers” - “The very idea of this new cover came from the Moleskine “notebook hackers”, who create their own custom-made accessories weaving together paper pages and digital tools. Throughout the web, hundreds of communities and discussions can be found where such Moleskine “hackers” publish their inventions. Dedicated blogs, Flickr pages, and even YouTube videos highlight the power and vitality of the Moleskine digital-analog connection.” What do you get when you buy it? “Each cover includes a package of two reporter-style notebooks with black flexible cover, rounded corners, and blank ivory paper for jotting notes and insights.”

It seems like a good first step ~ obvious questions? Where’s the iPad version? And is it for lefties? Exciting none the less, i can’t wait to see what else will come from this direction of the iconic (analog) notebook maker! See lots of detail pictures on the next page!








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Zip a Dee mini pops are the greatest! I bought them thinking they were some new pop and when I got home I saw the charms logo £¬but anyway they are my favorite now! any time I see them I buy them! Bravo!

----- charm 24.11.10 20:27

no matter! I invented the moleskine kindle cover 2 months ago.

----- giulio de vita 17.06.10 13:52

The closest thing I could find for us iPad users to get that might replicate a moleskine is the dodocase (www.dodocase.com), hand-made in san fran. Ordered mine last month, 6 week timeframe, but well worth it!

----- Brian Stark 16.06.10 06:24

If the notepad is removable and fits into a well-thought-out slot, this design could be rotated to be a “righty” or a “lefty” (Though in one configuration, the maker’s mark on the cover would be on the “front”).

It’s a good design for the Kindle. Now alter the dimensions slightly and make one for the iPad.

----- Steve 16.06.10 05:58

It’s backwards. The pad should be on the right so I can take notes without having to reach across the screen..

----- Demetrius 15.06.10 22:36

You’re right; it would only make sense for them to make one for righties as well, with the notepad designed to be on the right.

----- Nayoung 15.06.10 20:52

I’m glad I’m a lefty. It makes sense in that most covers have the Kindle on the right, but as a right handed person I’d want to have the Kindle on the left so you wouldn’t have to cross over the screen to take notes…

----- Adri 15.06.10 18:27

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