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#NY <3 LeBron = Buttons IRL + Twitter- 06.17.10

lebron0.jpg Leave it to Poke NY to enable 12 year old twins, Jason and Corey Grant, who desperately want LeBron James to join the Knicks (see the NY Daily News story). The result? A playful on and offline campaign that lives at nyHeartLeBron.com ~ where there is a giant counter next to a #NY<3LeBron button you can click… three ways to make the counter go up? 1. Click the digital basketball button on the site 2. Tweet with the hashtag #NY<3LEBRON 3. (and my absolute favorite!) Find one of the few #NY<3LeBron BUTTONS in real life around NY and push it! These adorable half basketballs encased in wood are circulating the city waiting for you… oh, and of course, they have a facebook page too. Peek at more pics on the next page! Including to the guts of the actual #NY<3LeBron BUTTONS!








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Dear Lebron, We Need You

Who do you want LeBron James to play for?
Vote for free or align your vote w/ a donation supporting a local charity in your favorite team’s city.
http://bit.ly/dearlebron #dearlebronweneedyou

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