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Silveira Watercrafts - 07.24.10

samba0.jpg Beautifully sleek Silveira Customs Personal Watercrafts ~ are not the jetskis of the past… they are designed to “feel more like an extension of your body” and definitely lean more towards sport bike design streamlined for aquatic adventures. “The ergonomics evolved this way, based on simple physics involved. Physics dictated the advantages of reducing watercraft weight and positioning the handlebars as the center of gravity, so you can exert extreme body English. You can go from big high speed drifts , to cutting very tightly, all with just a small change in attitude of the craft, yet it’s all distinctive.” Take a peek at more pictures on the next page ~ i love that the Silveira site shows so much of the manufacturing process as well!










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Are they still in business? I can’t find their website or listing anywhere. Thanks.

----- Gary 24.07.11 08:30

How can I purchase one? I’ve been looking around everywhere

----- Chris 02.02.11 09:00

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