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Camera Phone Mini Lenses- 08.13.10

lens1.jpg Ooooh too excited to try these out in real life… variations of the stick on mini lenses have been floating around for some time - like Jelly Lenses, i had quite a bit of fun with a wide angle one for a while, but honestly the jelly bit that sticks gets less sticky, and even washing it, it stops to hold as well! Also the cheesy plastic never was quite as appealing as could be…

Enter these adorable mini camera phone lenses over at PhotoJojo that really look like MINI PRO LENSES! Too cute, right? But the genius part? Stick a magnetic ring on your phone… and the lenses can snap right on and off stably! Now if only they came with extra rings, for various phones, cases, etc… if they work as well as they could, these could definitely make for some fun stocking stuffers… ordering now to poke at in person. See more pics on the next page!






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5 Notes

Love it! that magnet ring is the key!

----- melanie 17.08.10 15:42

Where are these adorable little lenses available at? I’d love to have one! *drools*

----- Bea 16.08.10 00:21

sticking magnets on your cellphone might not be a good idea. causes some kind of disruption.

----- ricah 15.08.10 23:49

These are quite spiffy! I tried the plastic sticky ones and the worked ok for awhile, but these ones seem like they would hold up so much better!

----- Chinda 15.08.10 21:57

Neat! The one complaint I have about stuff that sticks to the case, like the ring, is that they tend to collect dirt/dust.

----- Tony Beeman 13.08.10 17:17

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