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Andalusia - Alessandro Loschiavo Design- 09.02.10

andul1.jpg Got to love the random inspiring emails that show up. Today’s from Alessandro Loschiavo Design just said “Hi everybody … believe me: it’s hard to forget a holiday in Andalusia! Alessandro” ~ and then attached a ton of pictures. And i couldn’t stop staring at them all! So here are peeks at some of the lovely design details, patterns, and colours he spotted on vacation! See more collections on the next page!





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Incredible photos. The tiles remind me of some I saw in Seville. I love Spain, we nearly bought a finca there in 1997. Unfortunately (or fortunately, given the current economic conditions there) we got cold feet. It would have probably still been a good investment. Back then you could buy a small two bedroom renovated house inland from the Costa del Sol for less than $50K. Land with a ruin was even cheaper. I have to stay away from your website because I get hooked and spend too much time looking at all the great photos. Thanks

----- seb 04.09.10 19:42

Hypnotic. I want to live in this place.

----- Justin 02.09.10 12:21

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