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Behind the Oakley + Foose Collab- 09.06.10

shoesmain.jpg Ok, in addition to my so called “packaging fetish” ~ i have a fascination with marker renderings. Yes, digital is fun and all ~ but there’s something so gorgeous and amazing about marker rendering too… and then when you mix the analog and digital for even cooler outcomes (more on that later!) Well another fun discovery while down at Oakley HQ ~ i got to check out the sketches behind the box and new shoe design they just launched with Chip Foose! Foose is known for his amazing hot rod designs (Youngest to be inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame). In fact this weekend, Oakley has just released the Oakley Three Palms shoe at the National Hot Rod Association’s US Nationals where Foose is the grand marshal. So take a peek at the design behind the packaging and shoes on the next page!











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Chip SÜPERR =)

----- murat 22.02.11 02:00

These shoes are so “Sick”! What a conglomeration of idea’s. That idea is a great mass-up. I can’t believe, I haven’t seen these shoe’s before now? I can’t wait to show my friends. I hope Santa get’s my list.
To Oakley & Chip Foose,Thank you for putting out a “Awesome” product.Johnny Dog

----- Johnny "Dog" MacIsaac 19.11.10 11:27

Hello…I absolutely love looking at the way Chip designed the shoes. The renderings are really a glimpse into his genius. I’ve written a blog about Chip for all my grandsons as well as fans, and will probably continue to talk about him on occasion as he is fascinating for all of us to watch. Thanks for the beautiful web site.

----- Meredith Childress 07.10.10 08:53

Oh WOW! I loved Chip Foose’s designs when he did the overhaulin show! Very talented guy…Wish the show was still on. :(

----- Solmaz 09.09.10 02:16

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