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Brian Viveros - In the studio- 09.03.10

viveros1.jpg When you think bad ass girls smoking while wearing head gear and a few pounds of eye liner, probably with a sash of bullets… it’s hard not to think of Brian Viveros. (Though, somehow my favorite print of his ~ is hatless, and her hair reminds me of tord boontje…) The Thinkspace Gallery has a Viveros solo show, The Dirtyland, coming up on Oct 2nd, and have taken some amazing pics of him at work in his studio! The teasers of the pieces to come are torturous ~ even promising his “largest painting to date ‘Samur-Rizing’”… see their sneak peek ~ and my favorites are on the next page!














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I have the first painting shown in this article covering scars on my right leg. I had been searching for something to cover them up and when a Washington artist wanted to do this painting on someone I fell in love. It truly signifies what I went through and the strength it has taken me to stop. It’s such an innocent yet hardened character and I think that is something that really surprises people about me. I know that it will be one of the most meaningful pieces I will ever have on my body and I am so grateful that I found Brian’s artwork.
P.S the picture linked above is not the greatest picture.
If you search Dermawerx on facebook you can find a fresh pictures in their albums. My artist was Wes and I really think he did a great job working with the heavy scars I have on my leg.

P.S.S.S I am currently scanning his artwork and really thinking about getting another piece of his on my body.

----- Sophia Hoffmann 03.01.15 22:13

Some mind blowing work! It’s hard to find artists that can capture that style in 2010.

----- Bien and Robinson 13.09.10 12:57

Love it. Great work.

----- mariela aevalo 12.09.10 09:45

Brian is am amazing artist and his work gets more mind blowingly beautiful every show he does. So glad you covered him :)

----- renee lawter 11.09.10 21:31

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